Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Sky
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Sky

How Wattpad Launched Superstar Rebecca Sky

An interview with Wattpad Superstar Rebecca Sky. Wattpad: an online writing and sharing platform for writers and readers. Through Wattpad, established and novice authors alike can connect with a worldwide audience, collaborate with well-known companies, and build a career in the industry. Rebecca Sky is one of Wattpad’s breakout stars. […]

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4 Yummy Gluten-Free Recipes to Try

Looking for delicious gluten-free recipes to spice up your cooking life? Look no further! Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad Start your gluten-free meal off with a fresh spinach salad loaded with fruits, nuts and dried cranberries. This easy salad will cleanse your palate and leave them ready for more. Start to […]