As long as I can remember, lip balm has been a staple possession of mine. Any time my lips looked chapped as a little girl, my mom would whip out the handy ChapStick she always had with her, and moisturize my little lips. When she dropped me off at church camps or preschool, mom made sure that I had my ChapStick tucked into a backpack pocket.

Eventually, I matured past early elementary years and began to choose my own lip brand. I’ve tried all the mainstream brands out there, from Carmex to EOS. I’ve even dabbled in some homemade and exotic lip ointments. You could call me the Goldilocks of lip care. Eventually, I found the lip balm that forever changed my life. Beeswax, peppermint and vitamin E? Yes, please. That’s right, the only lip balm for me is Burt’s Bees. After a lifetime of searching and finally finding the perfect fit, I have decided there are four reasons why lip balm, and Burt’s Bees in particular, is the love of my life.

1. It travels with me wherever I go.

My lip balm is the perfect travel size. I never have to worry about plane tickets, car seats, or any seating arrangement really. All I need is a pocket, a bag or any small container to transport my little bundle of joy around in. If desperate times call for desperate measures, I can always hold my beloved in my hands. Not only does it travel easily, my lip balm also never resists going anywhere with me. There’s never arguing about where to go eat, or fighting over attending family events. We are a unified pair.

Lip Balm Article #1
Photo Credit: Molly Meeker

2. It’s never complicated.

Lip balm requires three steps:
Remove cap.

Lip Balm Article #2 (1)
Photo Credit: Molly Meeker

Apply lip balm.

Lip Balm Article #2
Photo Credit: Molly Meeker

Replace cap and enjoy smooth lips.

photos by Molly Meeker
Photo Credit: Molly Meeker

It doesn’t get any more complicated than that. I never have to guess what my lip balm is thinking, or whether it’s going to ask about my feelings.

no communication = happiness

3. Expectations are minimum.

I know that my lip balm will be there for me, so long as I remember to bring it. That means equal responsibility in the relationship. I remember my lip balm, and my lip balm provides moisture. The only time expectation ends in disappointment is when the lip balm runs outs…and if I’m upholding my side of the relationship, I will have already bought a replacement. Which leads me to my next point…

Photo Credit: Molly Meeker

4. Lip balm is replaceable.

If my lip balm earns retirement, I can be happy for it. We had some good times together, but now it’s over. This isn’t an ending; it’s the beginning of a beautiful future. There’s an entire world out there with new lip balms for me to try, guilt-free! My old lip balm was faithful until the end, and it understands that my lips will continue to need more moisture.

Lib Balm Article #4
Photo Credit: Molly Meeker