I’m assuming you’ve heard of the Myers Briggs Personality Test. It’s one that almost everyone has at least heard of, if not taken. And I’ll take this moment to applaud Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Briggs on their very successful personality-type indicator, because I give credit where credit is due.

But, last year I discovered a personality test that altered the way I lived my life.

The Enneagram.

When one of my best friends introduced this test to me, I had never heard of it before. In fact, I saw its concept as strange, and I was wary of how much power I should give it.

Well, I took the test, read my score, and was shocked at the results. My results were such an accurate description of me, that even I couldn’t have described myself better. I was a 2 with a 3 wing, and suddenly, my entire life made sense. I now understood every friendship and every relationship that I had been a part of.

Allow me to give you a brief synopsis of how the Enneagram works, and maybe my babbling won’t sound quite as psychotic.  

Essentially, there are 9 different personality types on the Enneagram, and every person, for the most part, fits into a single personality type. Each personality is labeled with a different name, such as The Challenger or The Helper (that’s me). Usually, just reading about every type will give you a good idea of where you fall on the scale. But if you’re an Enneagram freak like myself, you’ll take the free quiz, the quiz you have to pay fifteen bucks for, and you’ll read every personality type in detail, all to make sure you’ve been “typed” correctly.  I’m so obsessed that I’ve had all of my close friends take the test, and more often than not they’ve thanked me for it.

What sets the Enneagram apart from other tests is the amount of detail that the test gives about each personality type. It’ll tell you your strengths and your weaknesses, how you behave when responding to stress, what you’re like at your healthiest state and how to understand the other personality types in your relationships.

It’s incredible.

And yeah, I know I’m totally fan-girling over a personality test, but honestly, you just might too.

Because of the Enneagram, I’ve learned to be more accepting of who I am. I’ve learned to accept the fact that I am a people-pleasing, possessive, social ball of love (on my good days). I have also learned to accept that other people can be very different from myself, and just because their brains work in a different way does not mean that we can’t be friends. It also gives me a sense of belonging, knowing that there are other people out there who think they way I do.

The Enneagram is art. The Enneagram is brilliance.

Here is the link so that you can go and take the test right now. Like right now.