There is a love,
Oh, how relentless a love,

that seeks me out
even when

I run away

with all my strength –

it finds me.

It reminds me
where my weary-laden breaths come from,
brings me to my knees
only after I have chosen to accept the love I know I don’t deserve,
frees me from

that I,
so stubbornly,
held on to for way too long,
because I
thought my way
was better.

How can this kind of love be real?
Why have I,
someone so unworthy,
been chosen, rescued from myself,
and redeemed?
I have done nothing to earn
this love,
a love so perfect,
that it
sets me free
to live,
and in return,
asks that I choose to live for this love,
pursuing it as it pursues me,
and I can say that it has been the best choice I will ever continue to make.

Don’t you see?
This kind of love isn’t an abstract concept.
This kind of love has a name,  
and he,
being perfect and blameless,
the most brutal of deaths,
to save you,
and to save me
from the same fate.
Oh, Jesus,
how can it be,
that you could possibly love
someone as sinful as me?

Don’t you see?
You need this love like
you need air.
You can say no to it all you want,
but at some point,
I hope you realize
where your own efforts apart from this love have brought you,
and where they will continue to bring you.

The pressures of this imperfect world
will suffocate you,
imprison you,
and steal your life away.
I know.
I was there.
It almost happened to me.
But He,
seeing my need,

stepped in,
took my place
gave me grace
and erased
all traces of my sin
because He loves me.

Don’t you see?
He loves you in this way.
You need only say yes to knowing and loving him too.

You need this love like you need air.
So breathe it in.
Breathe it in.
And be, finally, free.