Think twice before voting for Donald Trump.

Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again.” It’s a nice sentiment, and one several candidates and voters echo. Republicans and Democrats alike want to live in a country that is great. While some think this greatness lies in our past, others see it as something that can be a part of our future. Regardless, many Americans believe it an achievable dream, myself included. This year’s candidates, like their predecessors, have individual plans on how our country can realize this dream.

Trump has declared his plan is to make America great again. But for who?

Not for Mexican immigrants, the majority of whom Trump believes are bringing drugs, crime and a few rapists.

Not for Muslims, who he said should each be tracked in a database.

Not for blacks, who he erroneously believes are the largest source of crime in the United States, along with Hispanics.

And not for women, who on countless occasions, Trump has demeaned and subjected to his public disdain and sexual objectification.

I shouldn’t have to go on past this. The United States is a melting pot of culture, color, religion and gender. And it ought to stay that way.

Unfortunately, some share Donald Trump’s opinions, and a few have even taken these opinions to the next level.

This was clear when a homeless Hispanic man was beaten in Boston by two men. The men excused their behavior by saying that Trump was right – “these illegals do need to be deported.”

This was clear when a Muslim woman was kicked out of a Trump rally for silently protesting.

This was clear when a black protester was beaten at a Trump rally in Alabama.

While Trump himself has not always supported these outbursts, the perpetrators are citing and are empowered by his toxic ideas. Trump’s harmful rhetoric tells his supporters that in order to make America “great” again, the United States is going to have to start doing something about the people Trump doesn’t like. The people who are different from him, but are just as much Americans. In fact, they are more so. The American dream is for everyone in this country, and if Trump can’t see that, then there’s no reason for him to be president.