I thought psychics were something you only see in movies. I also thought people that went to psychics were crazy for believing in it. Go ahead and call me crazy, because I’m a believer now.

My experience wasn’t glamorous or for any particular reason. It was something I always thought about doing but never thought I would have the chance to do. Honestly, I had no questions about my future, I just wanted to see what she would say.

Whether my psychics predictions for my life come true or not, I’ll always remember her picking up on things that no one else knows about. I may be looking too far into her words, but her predictions are warning signs that the future is unsure no matter how much control you think you have over it. I don’t really want three kids, two husbands and a lifespan of 98 years; however, I may end up with three kids, two husbands and live until I’m 98 but who really knows the future?