The best and worst diet you could ever do is called Whole30.

The idea behind Whole30 is to eat foods that are whole and will make you feel whole. You have to cut out all sugar, grains, legumes and dairy from your diet for 30 days. It’s a month of “I can’t go out to eat with you because I can’t eat anything on the menu” and being “that” person in every social situation because you can’t eat the cake.

My best advice is to be a hermit for the entire month of doing Whole30 because eating by yourself is more satisfying and easier than sitting next to people eating food you wish you could.

I’ve done Whole30 twice. I was successful once.

The first time I tried it, my body went through a major detox and I was sick for the first week. It hit me like the flu. I felt like I had to stick to the diet because I had  just started so I didn’t let my fever, nausea or sore body stop me.

By day 15, I was sitting at my cousin’s wedding eating a cupcake with peanut butter filling. I decided I would do Whole30 during the week and eat normal food on the weekends, but that didn’t work out either.

When you cheat on this diet, your own body punishes you. It doesn’t realize that you’ve eaten bread for the past 20 years of your life and it’s good. When you rid your body of all the toxins you’ve been consuming then try to eat them again, your body is going to freak out and you’ll need to be near a toilet.

The second time I did Whole30, I was a lot harder on myself. The only time I let myself cheat was to take communion at church. I still feel guilty about that one tiny piece of bread. Other than that, I was completely Whole30.

I felt great. I even lost 10 lbs. But after 30 days, I was ready to move back to my normal diet.

Never have I had more balance in my diet or different colors represented on my plate until Whole30. I learned that sweet potatoes are acceptable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eggs are also acceptable for all three meals. I spent less money at the grocery store because I was only buying fruits, vegetables and meat. I kept  the pantry stocked with raw cashews, bananas and sweet potatoes. I ate lots of grilled chicken, turkey burgers and taco salads.

I’m not going to lie, it was hard. You can’t even go to a coffee shop and buy something off their menu unless you like black coffee. It’s a bland diet. You end up eating a lot of weird things and a lot of tasteless things.

But once you compare your past diet to this diet, you see how unhealthy some “healthy” things are. Even just one week on Whole30 is an eye-opening experience.

Would I do it again for a full 30 days? I would try. Because even though it totally sucks that you can’t eat ice cream or drink a Diet Dr. Pepper, you do benefit from the Whole30 diet.