When I was just getting into my teenage years, my mom and I began watching  “Gilmore Girls,” a show based on the lives of a mother, Lorelai, and a daughter, Rory.

We watched the show religiously and it almost felt like we were watching ourselves on TV. We are goofy, we are coffee lovers and most importantly, we love and care for each other more than anything in this world.

I believe every mother should be more like Lorelai Gilmore. Although not every family’s situation gives the opportunity for a mother to play such a prominent role in a child’s life, she shows the importance of being like a best friend when parenting.

Many mothers believe they have to be a mom all the time or they aren’t being a parent, but in reality, if you want your daughter to confide in you with any and every thing in life, you have to be her friend as well.

My mom did just that.

Growing up, it has always been just my mom and I, not by choice, but by circumstance. Although this wasn’t the ideal situation we wanted to go through, I am glad we did. If it weren’t for me not having a father figure in my life, I wouldn’t have the relationship I have with my mom, nor would I be the person I am today.

The circumstances we lived through have bonded us in a way that most people would not understand. Being the only parent in the household, my mom had to not only a take on the job of being my mother, but also my father. She is nothing like the typical father, but she gave me something better than being a dad. She was my best friend.

She isn’t just my mom. She is the person I come running to when a boy breaks my heart, when I fail a test or when a girl makes fun of me at school, she is the person I come running to.

My mom knew when to play the mom card and when to just be my friend. In times when we both knew I made a mistake, she would console, love and mourn with me until I was better and later tell me how to fix it. She knew that it wasn’t always good to be a “helicopter” mom, but sometimes it was needed.

In this way, my mom is like Lorelai Gilmore. Lorelai was not only Rory’s mother, but also her best friend. She would help Rory convince her friend Lane’s mom to let Lane go out or sleepover, always provided takeout for movies and was there to break the awkwardness in double dates. When Rory got arrested for stealing a boat with her reckless boyfriend, Logan, she came in strong as a mom. However, when Rory’s troubled boyfriend, Jess, broke her heart, she was there to eat ice-cream, pig out on takeout and make her laugh. Lorelai and Rory being the only two in the household wasn’t ideal, but by inconvenient circumstances, that’s the way it worked out. However, it ended up being the best thing for them.

Girls need their moms, but when a mom is always going to be critical and demanding, they won’t talk to you. In order to have that inseparable mother-daughter bond, every mom should be a little more like Lorelai Gilmore.