There are seven billion people, seven continents, and 196 countries in this world. North American alone only covers 16 percent of the earth’s land area. So if the opportunity allows, why wouldn’t you spend time seeing the world, embracing different cultures, and learning from an array of people?

Personally, I don’t understand how one could pass the opportunity to experience the thrills, stress and beauty of traveling. This world has so much to offer, why limit yourself?

Just go. Travel to a nearby state, travel across the country, travel the world. If allowed the chance, see the world and travel.

Traveling will:

  1. Push you out of your comfort zone.
  2. Help you understand others.
  3. Help you understand yourself.
  4. Help you feel alive.
  5. Give you a new perspective.
  6. Provide learning and education about history and places.
  7. Introduce you to greater diversity and expand your awareness.
  8. Give you time to heal, reduce stress and regain enthusiasm for life.
  9. Make you appreciate home.  
  10. Once you travel, you’ll never want to stop.