How many times a week do you pull up Netflix and spend at least 45 minutes scrolling through the endless lists trying to find the perfect show to watch? Here are my reviews for some top shows on Netflix you might have overlooked. These reviews will give you a detailed breakdown so you can stop scrolling down the endless lists and get straight to binge-watching.

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“Grey’s Anatomy:” This show focuses on the complicated lives and relationships of doctors, primarily Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), in Seattle. The doctors navigate love, loss and their troubled pasts as they work together to save lives.

Best qualities: The diversity in the show, in terms of both actors and character types, is amazing.

Worst qualities: There was one time where they tried to make a musical out of an episode and that was just really rough.

Length of Each Show: 45 minutes

Number of Seasons: Currently on season 12

Similar to: “House,” “Private Practice”

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“Scandal:” Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is a fixer. She handles the outrageous scandals that litter Washington D.C. from inside Congress to the White House to international scandals. The problem is that she can barely get a handle on her own life.

Best qualities: Absolutely amazing dialogue that you know you’re going to practice in the mirror to boost your self-confidence.

Worst qualities: There is a lot packed into every episode and it can make your head spin.

Length of each show: 45 minutes

Number of Seasons: Currently on season 5

Similar to: “House of Cards,” “How to Get Away with Murder”

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“Nurse Jackie:” Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco) is an emergency room trauma nurse who is willing to do anything for her patients; even if that means breaking some major rules. Watch as Nurse Jackie attempts to work the system while keeping her own secrets and addictions under wraps.

Best qualities: Zoey Barkow (Merritt Wever) – The ridiculously upbeat/sometimes in control sidekick to Nurse Jackie.

Worst qualities: You will never be able to decide if you love Jackie or hate her.

Length of Each Show: 30 minutes

Number of Seasons: 7

Similar to: “Breaking Bad,” “Dexter”

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“Bob’s Burgers:” The hilariously awkward antics of this cartoon series knows no boundaries. Bob Belcher is a restaurateur with his own burger joint. Supported by his lovingly eccentric wife, Linda, and three kids, Bob attempts to figure out the tricks of the trade while keeping his family whole.

Best qualities: Tina Belcher (Dan Mintz), the eldest daughter of Bob Belcher, is the perfect mix of awkward and sassy making her surprisingly relatable.

Worst qualities: The episodes go by way too quickly. Not a great show for when you want to stay engaged.

Length of Each Show: 25 minutes

Number of Seasons: Currently on season 6

Similar to: “Family Guy,” “The Simpsons”

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“Reign:” Mary, Queen of Scots, must find a way to stay true to her homeland while keeping the royal court of her new home in France happy. She is forced to learn when to follow her head rather than her heart, and which to put first: her role as a lady, or her role as a queen. 

Best quality: Strong female lead who develops well as the show goes on.

Worst quality: Even  though this show is supposed to be set in the 1500s, the costumes worn on the show occasionally feature sweaters that I swear were in stock at JC Penny’s two weeks ago.

Length of Each Show: 25 minutes

Number of Seasons: Currently on season 3

Similar to: “Tudor,” “Merlin”