If you’re over the gossip from Blair, tired of the chaos of “Grey’s Anatomy” and looking for something more nail biting than Nick and Schmidt, then your next television show to binge-watch is “Prison Break.”

I never thought I could binge-watch a TV show, but I was so wrong. Four weeks, four seasons, 80 episodes and roughly 60 hours. That’s all it took for me to live and breathe “Prison Break.” There are many reasons behind the crazy amount of hours one will spent watching this show.

1. Michael Scofield, Michael Scofield, the main actor, is beyond gorgeous.

2. Every relationship in the show is beautiful and intense, yet so heartbreaking.

3. You’ll become overly invested in the lives of the prisoners and their journeys out of prison because after hearing their stories, you actually feel bad for them.

4. Every episode is unpredictable and will leave you sweating on the edge of your seat…for hours…. thanks to the constant anxiety the show induces, convincing you to always click the next episode.

5. Just when you thought you’ve predicted Michael Scofield’s next move he proves you wrong with his unbelievable knowledge and strategic thinking.

6. Michael Scofield is always one step ahead of you…and you like that.

7. Each episode is creatively thought out and planned, leaving you sitting in bed sweating with your jaw clenching and heart pounding out of control.

8. The camaraderie the prisoners share oddly enough makes you want to commit a crime…just for the chance to be in their clique.

9. When you finish the last episode, you will have full-throttle waterworks streaming down your face as you try to wrap your head around feeling like you just lost all of your friends.

10. The thought of not spending your day with Michael and his brother Lincoln will immediately send you into a deep depression and leave you wishing for just one more episode.

Wish no more! A NEW SEASON of “Prison Break” is here. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on any more than you already have. Open your Netflix account, find “Prison Break,” and enjoy. You won’t regret it.