I’m constantly trying to find new movies to watch. I want to watch something that will leave me wanting more or learning a valuable lesson. Recently, I’ve found comfort in watching films in Español or featuring Latino leads. Films with Latino’s as leads helps me find a connection that I don’t find all the time in American films. I can relate to the film more and with an added bonus, if the movie is in spanish, it improves my Español.

If you like movies with meaning, lessons and real life situations, then you’ll enjoy these films as much as I do.


Courtesy of Latina.com
Photo Courtesy of Latina.com

If you love music, drama and dream-chasing, you’ll love watching a film to commemorate Selena Quintanilla Perez’s life. In the film Selena struggles with being a Mexican-American singer. Fans that loved Selena helped her win an award in Tejano music and opened-up a door wider for Selena to pass through. As Abraham (Edward James Olmos) says in the movie, “Being Mexican-American is hard. We gotta prove to the Mexicans how Mexican we are. And we gotta prove to the Americans how American we are.”



Courtesy of coveringmedia.com
Photo Courtesy of coveringmedia.com

This movie centers around a young, obnoxious Latino teen. Jordan is intelligent, but chooses to make foolish decisions. He finds a love letter written to his mother and embarks on a journey to finally understand who the woman is that gave birth to him really was. Anyone who is a sucker for journey stories will like “Mamitas.”


“Stand and Deliver”

Photo Courtesy of wearemitu.com
Photo Courtesy of wearemitu.com

Olmos sees potential in his students and tries to inspire them to reach that potential. His students are expected to fail because of their background. These students live in East Los Angeles where gangs and drop-outs are the norm. This movie is based on a true story, showing the struggle Hispanic and people of color face within the education system and how one teacher can help them beat the odds people think they are destined for.


“Nothing Like The Holidays”

Photo Courtesy of myrecipes.com
Photo Courtesy of myrecipes.com

Watching this film I saw similarities between the Puerto Rican family in the movie and my Mexican family in the past. I enjoyed it so much that I went out and bought the movie. It shows that every family has issues. Just because a family gathers together during a holiday doesn’t mean everything’s okay. A great social, dramatic and funny movie.


“Instructions Not Included”

Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

As the movie began, I sat there reading the subtitles until I noticed towards the middle of the movie I wasn’t anymore. I thought because I wasn’t fluent that I might miss message of the film, but I didn’t. An American woman drops off her newborn daughter at the doorstep of the child’s supposed father in Mexico. The father then sets out on a journey to find the mother so he can return the child to her. He was a man with no intentions of settling down and becoming a father but that changes. He becomes a stunt double in Hollywood so he can provide for the little girl and at the end of the movie loses her to death. The movie left me in tears, switching from spanish to english in the movie will not lose you, instead you will get pulled into the movie.


“Pulling Strings”

Photo Courtesy of Copyright Pantelion Films 2013
Photo Courtesy of Copyright Pantelion Films 2013

A father (who also happens to be a mariachi singer) is denied a green card after standing in line, despite attempting to appeal to the women who holds the power between her daughter getting to live a better life in America. The woman denies his request, but unbenounced to either character, the father would end up helping her find a laptop ensuring she kept her job. During this time, a connection emerges between them; it’s a love story in the making.


“Te Presento a Laura”

Photo Courtesy of Televisa
Photo Courtesy of Televisa

This Mexican film like “Instructions Not Included,” is worth the watch. The movie is set around Laura whose death is set for April 30th. The reason to why April 30th is revealed towards the end, but the heart of the story is the 10 things she wishes to accomplish before that. The number one thing on her list is to save a life and take care of it. This a great movie that focuses on remembering the little moments in life. Only a few days after watching the movie, I kept reminding myself to slow down. This a great movie that focuses on remembering the little moments in life.