My friends would all agree that to know me is to know I love makeup. I am truly passionate about makeup and the power it holds.

Yes, makeup is powerful. Not powerful in the sense that it can cover blemishes or an uneven skin tone, I mean powerful because it’s emotionally liberating.

Makeup is self-expression. There are absolutely no rules.

It’s the only thing I can think of where I can color outside of the lines if I choose.

As an overly involved, fully-scheduled, spread-too-thin-college-student, sleep to me is what water is to a severe drought. It doesn’t come often or in abundance, but when it does, I try to get as much of it as possible. That being said, most mornings I’d probably rather sleep in that extra hour than spending time putting on makeup.

However, I have days when I want to put on my signature winged eyeliner, curl my hair and walk out of the door feeling like I run the world, ready to conquer the day. More often than not, someone asks the same questions:

“Who are you trying to impress?”

“Do you have a job interview?”

“Do you have a date?”

I’m sorry, yes, I am wearing a full face of makeup to class, and no, I’m actually not trying to impress anyone. These questions are sometimes enough to cause my confidence to falter into shame.

Why should I be ashamed of my love for something so radically positive?

Who cares if you’re wearing a bold shade of red lipstick? Who cares if you’re wearing dramatic eye makeup? Who cares if you’re wearing no makeup at all? Personally, I believe it all requires courage.

Makeup should be about empowering people. It shouldn’t be a mask. Rather, it’s a tool to build and express self-confidence. Why should I, or anyone else, face accusations of being insecure or fake because of my love for makeup?

I do not wear makeup in the search for security. I never wear makeup because it makes me feel more secure about myself. I wear makeup to express the level of self-love and confidence I have. I wear makeup because it has been a place where I can break rules and create my own.

So be bold. Be brave. Wear fake eyelashes or purple lipstick to class. Push those boundaries until you are completely outside of your comfort zone.


Because you can.