2016 was a rollercoaster of a year.

We saw the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, Donald Trump get elected president and the deaths of many notable celebrities and public figures such as Muhammad Ali and Prince. Undoubtedly, 2017 will bring a whole new list of events that are sure to make history.

On a smaller scale, the success of a single year is determined by our own measures. A great way to make this year a good one is by setting goals to achieve at the beginning of each new year. A New Year’s resolution can sometimes be hard to stick to and even harder to remember by the time December comes. Here’s a list of simple resolutions and some tips that can help you make 2017 the best one yet.

  1. Be Brave

Bravery is one of the most challenging qualities to develop, but it’s also one of the most rewarding to achieve. Stepping out of your comfort zone almost always results in a life-changing moment. Whether it be by doing something physically crazy like skydiving or bungee jumping, or something more emotional like coming out to friends and family, an experience of bravery is sure to be one of the most memorable events of your entire year.

  1. Be Courageous

Having courage comes in many different shapes and sizes. It means something different to everyone. Unlike an act of bravery, which is more interactive, an act of courage is more for the individual. My personal challenge to you is to be yourself and get involved with things that you enjoy. Don’t follow the crowd. Be your own person and make your own choices. Join that club that sounds interesting to you but maybe not your friends. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a night out or a solo ice cream run if nobody wants to join you. It’s the simple things in life that give us the most joy, so why not collect as much of them as possible in 2017?

  1. Make an Impact

To me, there are fewer things in life that fill my heart with more happiness and bring a bigger smile to my face than making an impact on someone else’s life. Giving our most precious gift, the gift of time, to others in the form of volunteering. Whether it be coaching a youth sports team, counseling campers, or even just reading to your younger relatives, volunteering is undeniably meaningful. The trait of selflessness and putting others before yourself is arguably the most important quality to possess. If you are lucky enough to be put in a role model position, make the most of it. I promise you, you won’t forget it.

Of course, these are just suggestions, but whatever you come up with as your 2017 resolution, try your best to follow it! Write it down and hang it on your wall. Take a picture of it and set it as your phone’s wallpaper. Leave constant reminders on sticky notes around places you see each day. The possibilities are endless – just don’t be lazy! Make the most of 2017 and see what it has in store.