I’ve had a passion for theatre since I took my first drama elective in sixth grade.  In high school, all of my friends were in theatre with me or at least had an appreciation for it. However, when I came to college, it was a different story. Instead, most of my friends were into sports and video games. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy those things too, but it felt like my passion wasn’t something anyone else wanted to talk about.

Until Hamilton.

“Hamilton: An American Musical,” which debuted on Broadway in 2015, combines traditional musical theatre with hip-hop, telling the story of Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton. It became an instant hit and broke the record for most awards won at the 2016 Tony’s. This show, as one of my friends described it, is “The Super Bowl of Broadway shows.” Which makes sense since the catchy music from the show sounds more like a mixtape than a soundtrack.

The show wasn’t just popular with theatre lovers – it seemed like everyone cared about it. Suddenly, my friends wanted to talk more about a Broadway show than they did college football. I never imagined my fraternity brothers would be listening to show tunes in their car, but they do now. It was a nice change for me to feel like my love of theatre was interesting to others and not something I had to not talk about.

Some of my friends from home were annoyed that their friends jumped on the bandwagon because they for theatre when no one else did. I was just excited for my friends to be into it as much as I was. It didn’t seem right to complain about it because I was so glad people finally cared.

With all the hype going around, I was dying to get tickets to see it. The show wouldn’t be on tour for a year or two so the only place I could watch it was Broadway.

Every year since high school, my family and I have taken a trip to New York City to watch Broadway shows. Little did I realize that getting a ticket would be a little more challenging than I had originally thought. Tickets were sold out for the entire year already.

Although I was extremely disappointed to not see the show, I was glad that people cared so much about theatre. Even if I couldn’t see this show, Hamilton made something I care about relevant to the masses. That was fine with me. 

But luckily, I didn’t have to settle for that. One year later, a friend of my dad’s was able to snag four tickets for my family and me. And it was so worth the wait.

The story was both fun and moving, the cast we saw was awesome and the music was even more incredible than it was on the CD. Everyone raves about the quality of the music, but most people don’t realize how emotional the story can make you.

The show completely lived up to the hype and my friends wanted to hear all about it. So thank you, Hamilton, for letting my geeky obsession with musical theatre finally be cool to my friends.