What do all sports have in common?

Is it the loyal and adoring fans on the sidelines that wouldn’t dare miss a game? Or is it the players on the field or court that pour their sweat, pain and heart into the sport? Whether it is soccer, baseball or football, sports brings out mixed feelings of joy, anxiety, stress and anger.

And we love every minute of it (well, at least the parts when our team is winning).

I experience all these emotions with my favorite sport – basketball (sorry, football fans). Below are seven reasons why basketball is king of the court.

1.Basketball is Fast-Paced

Tear your eyes away from the court for a minute, and next thing you know, there has been a turnover or a player made a shot from an impressive distance. Unlike other sports where it takes forever for someone to score a point or goal, the numbers of this game constantly change, making each minute exhilarating. I love the speed of basketball. Can you keep up?

2.Basketball is Indoors

I have always appreciated how basketball is played inside a building and not outside. That way, I can really focus on the game, not the weather. When I’m at a game, I would rather not be distracted by the heat of the sun or the droplets of rain falling down from the sky.

3. Basketball is Challenging

As a contact sport, basketball requires players to be tough and fearless on the court. The players have to train their stamina, coordination, speed. Most importantly, you have to actually think about how to get past the opposing team’s defense. All these components change the momentum of a game. Realizing the importance of each factor makes me appreciate even more the art of the sport.

4. Basketball is Teamwork

Working together is essential. No matter how skillful one player is, he or she can’t single-handedly beat a team. With only seconds left on the clock, players must rely on their teammates in order to win. Nothing is more satisfying than watching your favorite team communicate with each other, dominating the court with trust and fluid passes.

5. Basketball is Simple

I’ve never understood football with all its rules. On the other hand, basketball is simple. At its core, it’s just a player dribbling the ball and shooting it into the basket. The rules aren’t complicated – In fact, they enhance the game. I like how players that are fouled have the chance to shoot without interference, and that there is a timer counting down how long a team has to make a basket, adding to the suspense of the game.

6. Basketball is Exciting

I get an adrenaline rush when basketball players make the occasional epic dunk into the net. How a player can steal the ball, quickly using it to their advantage. How exciting it is watching them dribble across (down?) the court, expertly maneuvering themselves around the other team. And don’t forget the breath-stopping moment as your eyes follow the player’s shot from afar, letting out a cry of relief and joy as the ball swooshes into the net.

7. Basketball is Versatile

Whether by yourself or hanging with a group of friends, basketball caters to everyone. All you need is a basketball and a hoop. It doesn’t matter if the players are at college and professional or simply just people playing on the streets – the rush of excitement I feel when watching the sport is the same. Basketball is everywhere, and frankly, I’m okay with that.

Have I convinced you yet?? Whether a long-time fan or still on the fence about basketball, I say give it a try. See for yourself why this timeless sport has persisted and remained popular throughout the years.

As Troy Bolton would say, “Get your head in the game.”