The presence of food trucks in Waco brings a fun and lively atmosphere to our rapidly-growing city.  From food truck park located along the Brazos River, to the grounds of Magnolia Market, a variety of food trucks can be found around any corner in Waco. The myriad of food trucks offered here appeals to every craving and appetite.

Dining at food trucks is more than just grabbing something to eat, it is a complete experience. Standing in line or driving through a fast food restaurant has become the habitual dining routine for many people. But when it comes to food trucks, you have so many options that you can find whatever experience you are longing for at the moment. Why settle for one type of food when you could get several things you are craving from one location? If it is a beautiful day out, turn your meal into a picnic with friends or take it on the go to your next destination of the day.

A popular food truck here in Waco is the unique Club Sandwich. This truck offers a variety of Asian inspired dishes that without a doubt will have you returning for your next meal. Youngdae Moon, owner of Club Sandwich, established his food truck business before the popular trend hit Waco. Now that food trucks are more common, Moon has seen a significant change in the way locals interpret food trucks.

“Wacoans are starting to understand that the local food trucks are a legitimate meal that they can get really great high-quality food,” Moon said. “Part of it is fun, you can eat outside and take it with you. You’re getting new types and genres of food in a more casual environment.”

Lexi McLennan, a Club Sandwich employee, enjoys serving customers in the unique food truck environment.

“I feel like a lot more hands on work goes into working a food truck than in a restaurant,” McLennan said. “Everything is handmade and prepared fresh each day and has more of a personal meaning, where you can travel around Waco and be a part of different communities in the area.”

While most food trucks in Waco offer main dishes, there is one in particular that only serves the most important meal of the day: dessert. Pokey-O’s is a food truck in Waco that serves homemade cookies and ice cream. They even give you the option to create an ice cream sandwich that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Aside from being a dessert only destination, Pokey-O’s is an actual mobile truck constantly moving around town and creating a fun hunt for anyone who is craving this delicious treat.

With Pokey-O’s changing locations, allows them to easily cater and be available to many different groups of people. Austin Meek, owner the of Pokey-O’s franchise in Waco, believes the mobility of their truck truly sets them apart from the other incredible food trucks in town. Pokey-O’s has become a recognized name in Waco, from catering private events to even heading over to Baylor’s campus.

“Pokey-O’s is unique because we offer something new every day. Most mobile vendors stay in one place,” Meek said. “We post our schedule daily with new locations all the time and we offer fresh combinations of cookies and ice cream at each event.”

Because Pokey-O’s frequently caters events, they are able to create relationships and hear interesting stories that go beyond serving food.

“We often bring the truck to the Fixer Upper set when they shoot the reveal episodes,” Meek said. We’ve gotten to meet many of the families on the show and their excitement is so infectious! The whole Magnolia crew has been super sweet to us and we love catering for them.”

Next time you are debating where your next meal should be, venture into the variety of food trucks Waco has to offer. Meals shouldn’t be routine, so make them an experience.

Photo Credit: Pablo Gonzales