By now, most people have either read or heard about industries that millennials are killing. While this might be true, there are other industries out there that are thriving because of millennials.

  1. Avocados — Avocados are so popular among millennials that there are websites showing how many years a person would have to give up avocados to buy a house. Millennials love avocados in all forms: smashed into guacamole, spread on toast or even decoratively carved into art.
  2. Athletic Wear — Yoga pants are making a comeback (again) but not just for sweating in; athleisure has arrived. Going for a run? Yoga pants. Going to work? Black yoga pants. Going out to dinner? Yoga pants.
  3. Food and Grocery Delivery —  Millennials just don’t like to get out of the house. Who has the time to go to a restaurant and wait on food? Dinner should be brought directly to the door by a magical food fairy.
  4. Apartment Rentals —  The spike in apartment rentals is primarily due to the fear of commitment that comes with purchasing a home, as well as the huge spike in student loan debt. Millennials have seen the generation before them get foreclosed on, file for bankruptcy and the financial struggle of being a homeowner, making renting an apartment the perfect solution.
  5. Health Foods — Chia seeds, green juice, kombucha —  the list never ends. Millennials are more educated and health conscious than generations in the past. Whether they saw their parents struggle with health issues or they are simply more aware of the negative aspects that many foods have, millennials choose to eat much healthier than their parents.
  6. Pet Ownership — Bearded dragons, dogs, bunnies, oh my! While it’s no surprise that millennials are pet lovers, some have even gone as far to say that millennials are replacing having children with pets. Not only do millennials own more pets, they spend a good chunk of money caring for their pets and pampering them.
  7. Smoothies —  In a cup or in a bowl, millennials love blended fruit for more than just a cold pick-me-up. Whether you spend 8 dollars to have one made for you or just make it at home, millennials love a good smoothie.
  8. Music Streaming — Why would someone pay for a specific album or song when it is all available online or for a low monthly fee. Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Pandora are among the most popular music streaming sites. For under fifteen dollars a month, you can have access to nearly every song from The Beatles to Taylor Swift.
  9. Brunch — The most important meal of the day. Whoops, the most *Instagrammable* meal of the day. Who wouldn’t want to eat breakfast at 11 a.m. and call it brunch? It makes it more acceptable to sleep in and eat late.
  10. Plants — From growing veggies and herbs to the beloved succulent, millennials love plants! Aside from the practical use of growing food, plants are great for the aesthetic. Cacti and regrown veggies are filling the window sills of millennials across the country.

Next time the industries millennials are “killing” is brought to your attention, think about the other businesses that are positively impacted by this generation. Whether it’s that $8 avocado toast or the booties that your dog “had to have,” millennials are feeding industries left and right; they just have to be acknowledged.

Photo Credit: Michaela Schirra