So, I have a confession to make…I love decorating for holidays.

Since October 31st is Halloween and coincidentally my birthday, my excitement escalates when decorating for the spooky holiday. But, I get it, we’re in college and we don’t need to be spending outrageous amounts of money to decorate our apartments and dorms for the holidays. Therefore, I’ve come up with five ideas for you when decorating for Halloween on a college student budget!

1. Halloween Wreath




What you’ll need:

  • Foam wreath
  • Ribbon
  • Halloween garland
  • Other accessories (spiders, poms, etc.)

2. Paper Bag Ghosts

What you’ll need:

  • White paper bags
  • Black Sharpie
  • Flameless tea lights

3. Hand-cut Bats


What you’ll need:

  • Black cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Tape

4. Vertical “BOO”

What you’ll need:

  • B, O and O letters
  • Festive ribbon or twine
  • Spray glitter paint
  • Scissors

5. Halloween Direction Sign

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden sign
  • Paint pens
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrushes
  • Spray glitter paint (if wanted)

I was able to purchase all of my supplies at my local Michael’s. Just a tip, most of the Halloween decor is on sale since it’s so close to the holiday, so it’s a win-win!

I would recommend trying a few of these DIYs if you want to get into the holiday spirit! One of my favorites was the paper bats! It’s super easy to recreate and doesn’t cost more than $5! Overall, these decorations are super fun to make and don’t require much time or money!