Stepping into Hey, Sugar is like hopping into a time machine. For the average millennial, the experience can resemble a break from reality, leaving behind the stress of schoolwork and adult responsibilities. As you pass through the glass door, the smells of childhood will immediately flood your nose.

Rows of clear containers line the left side of the store with every kind of candy you can imagine. Seas of color flood my eyes as they zoom through the aisle struggling to make a decision. Ranging from gummy teeth for the vampire wannabe, to chocolate rocks and bacon dredged in chocolate for the adventurous ones.

Classic and unique flavors of cotton candy sit atop the sweet treats, reminding patrons of what seems like an incredibly exotic state fair.

Across the aisle lies a tower of salt water taffy options organized neatly by flavor. Ice cream and fresh chocolate truffles are also within reach just behind the counter. The middle of the store is home to candy trinkets of all sorts perfect for small gifts or ways to treat yourself.

The back of the store resembles an old time soda shop with rows of over 450 types of old fashioned colas. In some places, the sodas are color coded, while other sections are organized by brand or flavor. Sodas are offered off the pantry shelf or straight from a cool refrigerator ready to be enjoyed. Colorful tables lie in the center of the soda area to offer an indoor place to enjoy a treat. The store supplies portable soda carriers for when visitors buy multiple sodas, adding further to Hey, Sugar’s sweet feelings of hospitality.

I love the atmosphere of Hey, Sugar, but the treats are just as tempting. My friends and I love picking out old fashioned sodas to try. We always grab one ridiculous flavor, like ranch dressing. I did not love the ranch dressing soda, but I enjoyed watching my friends’ facial expressions as they tasted the surprising concoction. The salt water taffy tower is among my favorites in the store because there is always a new flavor to try. The chocolate covered gummy bears allow me to be adventurous while enjoying a classic.

The staff is warm and friendly, often offering samples of new items. Old fashioned signs line the walls, and fun paint on the windows reminds me of Fourth of July as a kid. Movies such as “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” play in the corners of the candy store and remain visible from the outdoor seating. This popular spot is versatile enough for date night or a day trip with the whole family. Hey, Sugar really has something for everyone. Be careful though, Hey, Sugar just might be your newest addiction!

Photo Credit: Andi Risk