Thankfulness. We hear this word all the time — it’s a basic part of the vocabulary we learned at an early age. We are instructed to be thankful.

As we grow, thankfulness becomes more of an afterthought. It’s a forgotten task. An effort buried by doubt, making us question how much we truly have to be thankful for.

However, my answer to those doubts is that you have more than you think.

Life displays an unpredictable array of emotions. There are days when we crumble when the expectations of the world get the best of us. When our plans are shattered and our hearts are heavy.

But there are also days when we fly. When the warm sun lays gently on our face, when the slight breeze brushes calmly through our hair. When we are surrounded by a room of loved ones. When we cry streams of joy and are in total awe of this life that is full of charm and wonder.

Thankfulness is taking five seconds out of the 86,400 we have each day to count our blessings, and to let the rest of our lives reflect our gratitude.

The truth is, the more we dwell on the positive things in life, the more abundant they seem to be.

Celebrate every victory — the accomplishments of your own, and of those around you. When we continuously brush off our victories, we find less and less satisfaction in them. Instead of falling into a monotonous rut of expectation, find the unique beauty in every event.

I promise it’s there. You just have to acknowledge it.

As Thanksgiving rolls around, we are once again prompted to be thankful. Before making a blanket statement about being thankful for your friends, family and pets, think about all of the things you are comforted by each day.

Think about the friend who never lets you walk home in the rain or the parent that would drop anything to meet you for lunch. Think about the person who gave you a compliment in passing, or the stranger who smiled at you from across the street. Think about sitting down for your favorite meal, or pulling your favorite dessert out of the oven. Think about how many things you truly have to be thankful for, and then take time to reflect in gratitude.

While it seems cliché to count your blessings, you won’t have much to count if you never try.

This Thanksgiving, take your time. Rather than focusing on your desires, become more attuned to the wants and needs that are consistently met. Soon, you will feel the reward of thankfulness.

And that in itself is just another reason to be thankful.