Pick a color scheme or accent color

Even if you’re planning on purchasing neutral-colored furniture or moving into a fully furnished apartment, this tip can give some much-needed inspiration. Think of a color that soothes you or makes you feel at home. Once you’ve figured out what that color is, start shopping around for accessories.

I personally love the new dusty-rose trend that’s taking fashion and decor by storm, so I’ve purchased a throw blanket in the shade. While my couch is black and gray, the pink color stands out and adds a sense of life that the apartment was missing. Choosing neutral-colored furniture and accessories that exhibit your choice accent color will help make your apartment feel “homey,” but also allow for growth in your taste.

Buy some candles

I’m a total sucker for candles. They light up any room and bring a variety of scents to satisfy every mood. Whether it’s autumn or spring, you will definitely be able to find the perfect candle to put you at ease. My favorite for this time of year is either apple spice or leaves.


Hang up some pictures and/or wall decor

If you’re suffering from a case of homesickness, try hanging up some pictures of your family. Seeing a family photo will hopefully make your apartment feel more like home and remind you of memories that you’ve shared with them. If you’re living with roommates, hang up some photos from your favorite times, whether it’s a photo of a birthday dinner or a cross-country road trip. If you aren’t into photography, there’s always the option of hanging up paintings, signs or even sculpture. Hanging something on the walls will help fill space, make the apartment flow and feel more comfortable.

Reorganize your space

There are ways to increase productivity based on how your furniture is set up. One of my roommates and I spent an afternoon “feng shui-ing” our apartment last year and we had a lot of fun! We ended up reconfiguring some of the furniture, but honestly, I ended up enjoying the new layout so much more. If you’re interested in the process, research and read up on it!

Decorate with things that make you happy

The most important thing to be sure of when buying decor is that it makes you happy. It becomes easy to focus on making the apartment look fashionable and lose the feeling that makes it your own. So, when you’re decoration shopping, make sure to choose things that make you smile! If you’re buying and displaying items that make you smile, then it will become increasingly easier to enjoy living in your space

Photo Credit: Michaela Schirra