Antique shopping is a hobby I have grown up enjoying. It seemed like anytime our family went out of town, we would wind up at local antique stores hunting for all sorts of treasures. It would only make sense that I should carry on the family tradition. Having lived in Waco for a few years now, I have sought out the hot spots for antiquing. Whether you’re passing through to check out Baylor or the Silo District, or you’re a local looking for a weekend adventure, here are six top places to do your antique shopping.

Treasure City Flea Market

2112 LaSalle Ave.

Waco, Texas

The flea market is only open Saturdays and Sundays, but the best time to go is early Sunday morning. There are always good finds like quality antique guitars, records, books and tools. The early bird gets the worm, right? Show up late, and you’ll miss the great find of the market.

Cameron Trading Co.

618 Austin Ave.

Waco, Texas

Right in downtown Waco, you’ll find Cameron Trading Co. With two giant stories of antiques, it’s hard to imagine not finding a few things you can’t live without. Plan to spend some time here? There are so many diverse items from paintings, to furniture to cooking utensils and jewelry too.

Junque in the Trunk

910 LaSalle Ave.

Waco, Texas

Not too far from Baylor University, you’ll find shabby chic Junque in the Trunk. Here you’ll find mostly refurbished antique furniture for the bedroom, living room or that special craft room you keep talking about.  

Papillon Antiques

1025 Austin Ave.

Waco, Texas

You’ll find Papillon on Austin Avenue in downtown Waco. Papillon has high-end antiques that are brought in from many places including France, as well as furniture and home décor. Owner Mary Helen travels a few times every year to bring back all sorts of goodies. If you’re just passing through, or a local with visitors in tow, this is a luxury antique shop you don’t want to miss out on. They even have occasional art exhibits!


600 N. 18th St.

Waco, Texas

Laverty’s has been in Waco for many years and used to open more regularly. Now, it’s usually announced or advertised when the shop will be open. As a kid, I remember Laverty’s being the highlight of our trip to Waco. This may be a tough catch if you’re just traveling through, but as a local, this spot is a hidden gem. Since it’s so popular, a lot of the merchandise moves around. When enough new items arrive, the anticipation begins. You’re sure to find a menagerie of things.

LaSalle Shops

2223 LaSalle Ave.

Waco, Texas

Also located on LaSalle Avenue, LaSalle Shops offers a variety of antiques in their large space. In addition to old costumes and wardrobe, you’ll find antique kitchen items, records, books, art and sometimes instruments.

When you do your hunting and find that special treasure, you have, of course, your newest addition to your collection, but you also have an adventurous, memorable story to adjoin with your newly acquired history!

Photo Credit: Michaela Schirra