The #MeToo campaign was started by women’s rights activist Tarana Burke nearly ten years ago, when Burke began the social media push in an effort to help women of color take control of their stories and to heal from sexual abuse, assault and exploitation. Alyssa Milano used the hashtag in a tweet about her personal experience with sexual assault to bring awareness to the issue. From there, the campaign spiraled into a viral social media flurry in which millions of women retweeted the hashtag #MeToo to share their support, and for some, their experience with sexual violence.

At Baylor University, students feel the effects of sexual violence on a personal level. In 2015, evidence of excessive amounts of sexual assault and harassment on campus surfaced, and from there, the situation spiraled into a scandal of administration coverups and obstruction of justice. Many students suffered personal loss and lost their hope for healing. When the #MeToo campaign was once again ignited, many Baylor students used it as a way to grow and heal even a small bit from the scandal that they and those they love experienced.

This video is a testimony of a woman who felt empowered by the hashtag to share her story with the Baylor community, and is a step in her own healing process. If you are a survivor of sexual violence, know that you are not alone.