By Clara Ruth West

If you’ve got two hours and a box of Kleenex laying around, get ready to cry like a baby as you sit down to watch “Coco,” one of Disney Pixar’s newest creations.

The story follows Miguel Rivera, a 12-year-old aspiring musician, on his quest to pursue his passion for music against his family’s will. Miguel’s great-grandmother, Coco, was abandoned by her father when he left to follow his dream of becoming a famous musician. As a result, she and her mother, Elena, struggled with abandonment and waited for his return. The family banned music from their lives.. This frustrates Miguel, who shares this musical passion with his great-great-grandfather.

“Coco” received two Academy Award Nominations. The first nomination is for Best Animated Feature. Not surprisingly, “Coco” won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Motion Picture, so I am excited to see if it can bring the Oscar home. Directors Lee Unkrich and Dana K. Anderson had a challenge on their hands to create skeletons that were a) not creepy and b) entertaining. Despite the unfamiliarity of the task, their team did an incredible job of creating appealing skeletons we could fall in love with.

The animation is nothing short of perfection (but we wouldn’t expect anything less from Pixar, am I right?), and the characters really come to life on screen. Between a clumsy pup Dante and a clever skeleton relative Hector, the characters seem less like figments of my imagination and more like members of my own family.

In addition to a captivating storyline and charming characters, “Coco” incorporates an incredible lineup of songs. The voices, with their Mexican flair, compliment the theme and make you fall in love with the characters even more.

That being said, “Coco’s” second nomination is for Best Original Song, “Remember Me.” Miguel sings this song to his great-grandmother, Coco, after returning from the Land of the Dead in an attempt to spark her memory of her father before. After a long period of anticipation, Coco begins to sing along, and her father’s memory is revived. Be prepared though, the scene of the song is a tearjerker …

Give it a listen here:

Set around the time of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, the film celebrated the lives of their ancestors who have passed. Curious and determined, Miguel is sent on a journey to the Land of the Dead in an effort to seek out his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Unexpectedly, he discovers the truth about his family, meets several eccentric characters and reignites their love of music.

Whether you’re 7, 21 or 86, “Coco” is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of movie critics. After two hours of tears and an entire box of Kleenex, your heart will be full, and you, too, will be cuckoo for “Coco.” Even the Academy Award nomination committee agrees.