By Taylor Mitchell |

I have a confession to make: I love Hallmark Christmas movies. I love their cheesy, predictable plots. I love how the movie always has something to do with family. Most of all, I love the warm feeling I get in my heart after the movie is over.

During the holiday break, I sat down in front of my TV on a mission to find the top five Hallmark Christmas movies. Now don’t worry, just because I am a sucker for Hallmark movies doesn’t mean I let any Hallmark Christmas movie be considered good. I looked for the key Christmas movie magic ingredients which are the length of the movie, joyfulness and, of course, Christmas cheer.

5. Naughty and Nice (2014)

“Naughty and Nice” a movie about tough choices, love, commitment and Christmas. Christmas is treated as an afterthought in this movie which is why its placed at number five, however, it is still a great one. “Naughty and Nice,” starts off with Pepper Sterling (Tilky Jones) being a big-time radio host that loves to prank, but when one prank goes too far, he is relocated to a sister station located in a small town in Colorado. There, he meets his new co-host, Sandra Love (Haylie Duff), and the sparks fly. But when he gets the chance to have his old job back, Pepper is torn between staying in Colorado or going back to his old life. This is a cute and heartwarming movie that will have you wondering what Pepper will do.  

4. A Royal Christmas (2014)

This is the classic movie theme: girl falls in love with boy and boy turns out to be a prince. But that doesn’t stop me from loving every moment of it. In “A Royal Christmas,” Emily (Lacey Chabert) is a typical girl that designs clothes, works at her father’s shop and has a lovely boyfriend. However, she is swept off her feet when her boyfriend Leo James (Stephen Hagan) reveals that he is actually Prince Leopold of Cordinia.  When they arrive at his castle, Emily is not greeted with love from the queen and questions if this relationship is even right for her. However, like every great love story, Prince Leopold doesn’t care what his mom thinks and loves Emily anyway. Now, even though this plot is the definition of predictable, I still recommend watching this movie because the dialogue is amazing, the castle is breathtaking and this is a sweet movie to watch with your family and friends.

3. The Mistletoe Promise (2016)

Elise Donner (Jamie King) and Nick Derr (Luke Macfarlane) both dislike Christmas for very different reasons. Elise hates Christmas for the fact that it’s a constant reminder that her ex-husband cheated on her last year during Christmas time and she is now forced to share her travel agent business with him and his new girlfriend. As for Nick, he hates Christmas because he is a Scrooge. By that I mean Nick is a businessman, and he takes more joy in being a lawyer than anything else. However, when avoiding the Christmas cheer at the mall, Nick and Elise bump into each and realize that they can help each other get through the Christmas holiday.

They agree that Nick will help Elise with her ex-husband problem and in return, Elise will help Nick appear to be a family man so that his law firm will promote him. This plan sounds very sold, but when feelings grow who knows what can happen. Watch “The Mistletoe Promise” to see if Nick and Elise can really keep their promise.

2. A Christmas Wish (2011)

This is one of Hallmark’s darker Christmas movie, but its only dark because it’s a reality that can happen. In this movie, Martha Evans (Kristy Swanson) has been abandoned by her husband, who took all their cash and left her homeless with her two daughters and stepson. Looking for a job, Martha moves the family to this small town where she starts working in a diner. However, as the Christmas season arrives, Martha is feeling anything but jolly. Her bills are piling up and nothing seems to be going right for her. Lucky for her, she has people working behind the scenes to help answer her prayers. This movie made the list because sometimes nothing goes right even in the season of joy and cheer, but with faith, no one knows what can happen.

1. The Christmas Card (2006)

Drum roll, please. At number one we have “The Christmas Card,” a movie about a soldier who finds himself falling in love with a woman who sent him an anonymous Christmas card while he was serving in Afghanistan. I’ll admit it I’m a sucker for romantic movies where everything is going against the characters being together and that is this movie. Cody Cullen ( John Newton) is the soldier that falls in love with the Christmas card that was written by Faith Spelman (Alice Evans). When on leave from Afghanistan Cody ends up coming across Faith and falls deeper in love while getting to know her family. However, despite the attraction Faith and Cody share, she refuses to be disloyal to her fiancé Paul. I don’t want to ruin the movie for you but trust me, this movie is a Christmas must.