By Amy Murray

1.  Whataburger

Let’s start off simple. What is it about this place that Texans love so much? The bathtub-sized drinks? The burgers made with “Texas toast?” Once I was bombarded with the craze after moving to Texas, I had to try it. All I can say is…In-N-Out is a classic. Always has been, always will be.

2. H.E.B.

This one makes a bit more sense to me, but I still find it strange how Texanscan have so much passion for a grocery store. Since moving from California, I have been doing most of my shopping at H.E.B. (even though I still don’t know what that acronym stands for,) but still find myself longing for the familiarity of Save Mart back home.

3. Big t-shirts and shorts (or any pants really)

Girls in Texas must have collectively decided some time ago that appearing to not have pants on at all is considered “cute.” Why would you wear a shirt that goes down to your knees instead of getting one that properly fits? It’s like when guys in California all started sagging their jeans incredibly low, but in reverse.

4. Chacos

Everyone has them — and I mean everyone. They are far from cute, leave terrible tan lines and just overall remind of something my Granddad would wear. Rainbows all the way!

5. Snow gear when temperatures are in the 60s

People in Texas bundle up for the cold. I have never seen anything like it. Nice weather to a Californian is like a blizzard to a Texan.

6. Texas Edition Vehicles

If you bought it in Texas, with a Texas registration and a Texas license plate is it not already a Texas Edition vehicle? While there are Texas Edition cars in California, you can’t drive anywhere without seeing at least one here in Texas. I suppose it’s just a reminder that you live in Texas and your vehicle does too?

7. Texas flags everywhere — and on everything!

With mugs, socks, keychains and printed on t-shirts, Texans constantly represent their state with pride. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of shirts that say California on them somewhere, but I do not fly a California flag from my front porch. As strange as it is for me to see that “lone star” everywhere I look, it is sort of cool that Texans love their state so much.

8. Comfort Colors t-shirts

Now this one I finally got on board with even though the brand was foreign to me before moving here. Nonetheless, when I go home for Christmas my collection of Comfort Colors tees are going to be a constant topic of conversation. Why pay so much for a shirt that already looks like it has been worn out? These guys are socially acceptable for any gathering. School function? Comfort Colors. Nice dinner? Comfort Colors. Interview for a club or position in school leadership? Comfort Colors. I’ve seen it all, folks.

9. Kolaches

They’re what, a hot dog cooked into a baguette with a Kraft single? What kind of breakfast is that? Can’t a girl get a smoothie bowl with granola and fresh fruit…

10. Y’all

I don’t know if many Texans can go throughout their day without saying “y’all.” It’s the strangest thing to hear a professional or employer all of the sudden break character and drop a y’all. For as much as it is used here, one might think that it is common all across the nation. However, we Californians tend to opt for “you guys” instead. I love when Texans say “all y’all;” I legitimately laugh out loud every time.