By Jeff Wright

Ladies dressed up like feathered penguins, dancing across the floor in formation, shouting lyrics across the stage. Guys belting Queen songs while wearing way too much makeup, their bellowing shouts and stomps heard all throughout Waco Hall. During All-University Sing season, this chaos is the norm. For Baylor University students and those outside the “Baylor Bubble” who might not understand, here is a breakdown of what All-University Sing really is.

If you go to Baylor, you most likely understand the Sing tradition  . If you didn’t go to Baylor or you’ve never seen Sing, you probably have no idea what it entails.

Sing, a long-adored Baylor tradition, began in 1953 and always takes place in the Spring semester.  Student organizations perform a seven-minute Broadway-style performance. Each group has a unique theme, telling a  story through different song and dance routines and full-scale costumes to boot.. Randomly-selected judges  score the show over a course of four different nights.  The top three ranked groups are awarded, and the next five ranked acts advance to Pigskin Revue, which takes place over Homecoming Weekend in the fall.

The show could not happen if it weren’t for Student Productions, the organization that plans and approves Sing acts for the various student organizations. The Sing chairs of each performing group are required to have their theme, song choices, costumes, props and anything else that can be seen or heard on stage approved by Student Productions. Each group has a Student Producer who helps the Sing chairs plan their act.

But Sing isn’t all fake eyelashes and backdrops. Students practice 10 hours a week at least, rain or shine, despite midterms and projects. Since many fraternities and sororities are involved, it conflicts with an already-hectic initiation week. When so many students walking into class with droopy posture and bags under their eyes, only one explanation is needed: “Sing.”

All in all, Sing is a fun experience for those who will perform as well as those who will spectate. Students learn time-management skills, and Sing chairs gain valuable leadership skills. This tradition has impacted Baylor students since its beginning, and helps make everlasting memories worth cherishing.