By Kristina Valdez

At 6:30 a.m., my friend and I were outside shivering under the lights of Magnolia Table, trying to get a table. Forty-five minutes later, we sat in the bright and charming restaurant, sipping on steaming coffee and looking over the breakfast menu.  

Magnolia Table has been softly open since last Monday, and it’s been busy ever since. Our food came out quickly, and everyone who worked there was smiling and eager to take pictures.

Here is everything I devoured and slurped down at Magnolia Table last weekend.  

Caramel Latte | $4

Light and foamy, my caramel latte warmed me up from the inside out. The caramel was sweet, but it didn’t take the bite away from the coffee. I sipped on the coffee until my lemon lavender donut holes arrived.  

Lemon Lavender Donut Holes | $6

Who knew lemon and lavender would be a heavenly pairing? They were the opposite of sugary glazed store-bought donuts. The donut holes were lightly drizzled with a lemon icing. I ate them all and wanted more.  

Caramel Latte & Lemon Lavender Donut Holes Photo by Kristina Valdez

French Toast Breakfast | $12

There isn’t enough strawberry butter to satisfy me after having the French toast breakfast. With a little bit of syrup, the French toast was ravishingly tasty. Along with eggs, fruit and the best tater tots in Waco, I would definitely get this breakfast again.  

French Toast Breakfast | Photo by Megan Bell

Farm Breakfast | $11

Again, I fell deeply in love with the crispiness of tater tots, along with thick-cut bacon in the Farm Breakfast. The eggs were golden, softly scrambled and gone too fast. I had almost eaten everything; all I had left was the biscuit that crumbled between my fingers as I nibbled on it.  

If you are going to Magnolia Table soon, be prepared to hunt for a parking space and take advantage of the Instagramable scenery.