By Austria Arnold

Interview with Kirby Minnick of kirbyisaboss

154,000 YouTube subscribers

How did you get started on YouTube?

“So, growing up, I was always really passionate about the entertainment industry. I love acting, and I love creating anything that allows what’s going on inside my mind to come to life. YouTube was that platform for me. I originally started out on Instagram, putting content on there. Once I accumulated followers on Instagram, my followers encouraged me to go to YouTube.

It started out with Q&As and challenges. I realized this was a platform for me where I could use my creativity to not only make a name for myself in the industry that I had always been fond of, but I could utilize it to bring other people joy and at this point in my career, teach people about the gospel.”

What drives you to continue producing new videos?

“It can get really hard being a college student, constantly finding time and inspiration and fresh ideas. The biggest thing that continues to give me inspiration are my friends in the YouTube community and seeing their content.

And my followers because I constantly have that support and see there is a need to be met. They want this content. The third most important thing that allows me to continue is my faith and my relationship with the Lord. Although I do put out my new, funny content, it’s when I get to be alone with the Lord and spend time with Him that I really get the inspiration to put out videos. I see the purpose behind it is not only to teach people about the Lord, but to bring them joy. My friends in general inspire me and give me fresh ideas to put out content every week.”

Did you start your YouTube channel with the goal of spreading the gospel, or did you realize it was a possibility after you gained subscribers?

“Once I realized that I could make a platform, I realized that these gifts He had given me had a bigger purpose. He revealed to me over time that this platform was going to be for the advancement of the gospel. Although I didn’t know, it was cool to see how He began to bring the revelation into my life. It’s been so rewarding to see that the moment I gave my channel to His plans and not my own was when I really started accumulating a following. I truly believe the more I glorify the Lord with my channel, the more influence He gives me.”

What message do you hope to leave with your subscribers?

“One saying that I say at the end of my videos is ‘keep on keeping on.’ For me, that is a message that I really enjoy. That is something that the Lord gave me. Being in the season in life that I am in now, that message has a deeper meaning. It basically means life is going to be tough and throw a million different things at you. No matter what season you are in, you need to continually pursue the Lord, and whatever you are called to pursue with steadfastness. That is the patient, diligent pursuit. You are going to see the joy at the end of the journey. Despite how hard life is or how wonderful life is, keep going.

What can we expect from kirbyisaboss in the future?

“In the near future, I am hoping to put out more merchandise. I am going to be speaking at The Reel Conference in San Antonio in July. I am excited because the Lord is putting a bigger drive and purpose on my heart. I am hoping to write a women’s devotional book. Right now, I am in a season of just planting seeds to see where they grow. In the future, I am excited to see it all come to fruition.”