By Madeline Morren


Of the people graduating this month, I’m among those who do not have a job locked down. Although I’d rather graduate knowing I’ll be secure, I’m confident the right fit will come along soon. But until that day comes, I will be moving back into my parents house, and it’s absolutely imperative I keep myself busy in order to maintain my sanity. So for those of you out there in the same boat as me, here are five productive ways to spend your time while applying for jobs:


My roommate graduated in December and she has since started what she calls “Good Deed Friday.” Every Friday she does some sort of good deed for those less fortunate. There are a million and one ways to give back to your community and you can always find time.

Apply for more jobs

I think most unemployed college graduates will be doing this one, unless you are taking a gap year,  With help from websites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Handshake, job listings are constantly being updated. It’s important to keep an eye out because you never know what job could open up.

Work out

No more assignments, no more excuses – I’m making myself workout. Not only will it fill some of your newfound free time, your body and mind will thank you.

Read books

I can’t be the only one who has a hefty stack of books piling up because I haven’t found the time to read them. The good news is, until you find a job, you’ll have more than enough time to get through the stack you have waiting, and then some.

Build your personal brand

You don’t have to be a communications major to develop a personal brand. Employers are known to investigate interviewees on all forms of social media, and in order to stand out from the rest, you must have a strong personal brand. Each social media account should have a style that matches your own. It’s a great opportunity to show your personality outside of the interview.