I had no idea what to expect when I stepped off the plane to begin my study abroad program in Prague. I had dreamed of visiting this place for years now, and here I was, 21 years old, beginning the trip of a lifetime.

Prague has surprised me in so many ways. From the unbelievable architecture around every corner, to the deep-seeded history and pride each and every local has for this their country. From beer being cheaper than water, to the quiet streets and reserved people that occupy them, Prague is truly its own city.

Each place I visited had such rich meaning. Our tour guide expressed the horrendous takeover of communism that came over Prague not too many years ago and the tremendous impact this oppressive hand had over the its people.

Unfortunately, Prague is considered to be the fourth least-religious country in all of the world due to the locals’ uncertainty and feeling of abandonment by God throughout that awful time. To this day, the reserved locals would rather feel less safe than sacrifice their privacy. This must be due to the lack of trust they had throughout their time under the Communist  regime. I was completely taken aback by the lasting effect that communism had over the locals, even today.