The Legend

Legend tells us that the Danube River running through the heart of Budapest shines a bright blue. At first glance, this river looks just about any other color. Hints of brown, gray and dark green encompass the essence of this powerful body of water.

So how would anyone perceive this river as blue? As the story goes, the waters turn blue when you are madly in love … but I am convinced that the real magic within the waters comes from falling in love with the city, the river and the heart of Europe.

Imagine the secrets, stories and tales that lie in the depths of the waters. Imagine the impact this one river has on the world. Imagine the vast majority of not only locals but tourists that come from every corner yearning to taste a piece of the magic.

There’s something to be said about feeling so small amidst God’s vast creation.

On one side of the river, you find couples walking hand in hand, families enjoying a picnic and children running up and down the edge.

The Colors of Budapest

The blue Danube bridges together the separate entities that are Buda and Pest.

The landscape surrounding the Danube shows off beautiful hues as well. The lush shades of green on Margaret Island in the center of the river is mesmerizing.

The mountainous scenery and the gothic Parliament House bears a soft sand color and is an essential part of the Budapest skyline.

The strong brown of Castle Hill illustrates the history of this beautiful city.

St. Matthias Cathedral displays a tiled roof popping with vibrant orange, red, yellow and green.

The reflective sky blue and silver of the Balna lead us to believe Budapest is growing more modern as time elapses.

Budapest is full of color, but not just among its physical structures. The local citizens of the city are full of life and color and a history that we could only imagine.