How magnificent is it that I get to dance on the earth our Savior created, linked arm in arm with a stranger who suddenly seems like a friend. Our feet tapped in rhythm. Our hands interlocked, common language slipped to the side. We spun around Kobusi Kert garden as I belly laughed at my inadequacy to fit into another culture, honored at my partner’s refusal to give up on my abilities.

How extraordinary that I got to leave my Southern California beach town and after a mere 14 hours be hustling past the Danube on my way to class. It is because of the creativity and ability the Creator of the earth instilled in one of his people, that I now stood in Obuda, a corner of creation I hardly even knew existed just a year prior.

Living in Hungary, I am astounded at the privilege I have to experience the manifestation of His generosity by looking at the sturdy roofs of homes and flourishing gardens crafted by artisans in Szentendre and the fresh bread made by a Budapest baker.

God has given us creativity and matched it with freedom so we can create what makes our hearts come to life. I think maybe his heart leaps a little too when he sees us dancing and laughing with strangers. What an unbelievable joy it is to experience the fullness of our creator through the details of his creation and the immersion in culture. It was as if for a moment, in a small Hungarian garden, I caught a glimpse of the original intent of the Garden of Eden.