Nestled away in a side street apart from the hustle and bustle of Prague is La femme MiMi. La femme Mimi is a boutique run by none other than Mimi Lan herself. At first glance, La femme is a quaint women’s clothing store,  nothing out of the ordinary. But inside, it is a haven of hard work and raw talent.

Mimi handmakes most of the items she sells. She presents a wide-variety of products from dresses to jewelry, and everything in between. Traveling from rack to rack, one can immediately sense the creative talent that Mimi has and the passion she pours into each piece she showcases.

“The design in Czech is very good,” Mimi explained. “We all have a hunger for design.”

Mimi’s clothes have a special touch that makes them seemingly priceless: a story. Printed on either the front or back of her pieces are film-shot photographs. These photos showcase members of her husband’s family, dating as far back as the 1920s.

Pictured in black and white on the chest of a white sweater is her husband’s great uncle. The man is seen reading a newspaper, dressed in his Sunday best on a park bench. He was a Czech man, and a lawyer. Because of Mimi’s touch, the sweater is no longer just a sweater, but a window into a family with a story. The photos that Mimi prints on her designs represent her Czech background and her desire to share her personal history with the world in the form of clothing.

The pride for her country and her hunger for design beams from the work she produces.  Mimi’s fashion is not like the rest, and is something to be widely admired. Maybe, the future of fashion is taking a look at the past. At least that’s how Mimi sees it.