Tucked among the winding cobblestones of Prague, Den Noc looked like a small, unassuming restaurant with only six tables and a small counter. The unusual pairing of wine and pancakes further interested our taste buds, so we stepped inside.

The menu shared the story of a couple who brought together their two separate passions –– wine and baking  –– to create one vision. A waitress brought us English menus and we ordered a carafe of tap water for the table. As some of my friends ordered wine, the water arrived free of charge, a rarity in the Czech Republic.

The Ordering Experience

A few members of our group tried to place an order, but asked for their savory pancakes without an ingredient or two. Our waitress responded, “Why? It is good with this. You will like it.” So, slowly they gave in and accepted the challenge of stepping outside their usual palate.

I ordered the prosciutto, goat cheese and tomato pancakes. As we waited for our food, we examined the contents of the quaint restaurant: a mix of tourists and locals. We fit in here quite well.

I stared at a large wine rack hanging on the wall and our waitress counted the empty spaces, preparing to reorder. The lack of strong air conditioning amplified the sweet aroma filtering in from the kitchen.

The Arrival

Soon, the wait was over. The pancakes arrived beautifully plated and layered with more toppings beneath each golden circle.

I cut into my first piece and the pancake was light and airy, but smoothed out by a spread of goat cheese. It burst with flavor. The salty prosciutto balanced the sweet tomatoes and each bite brought the same tasty pleasure.

As soon as the food arrived, the discussion ceased until our plates were almost clean and shiny. We agreed these pancakes made for one of our favorite meals, not just in Prague, but anywhere.

The Good Investment

When the check appeared, we pulled out our Czech koruna. Pleased with our smart spending, the meal remains even tastier in our memory.  

I highly recommend Den Noc when traveling in Prague. It authenticates modern European cuisine. Travel off the cobblestone path, you will not be disappointed.