Located around 4,400 feet up in the Swiss Alps, Gimmelwald is something out of a fairy tale. The picturesque town is one of the few remaining car-free-towns in Switzerland. The only way to get to the small town is by a cable car in Stechleberg. The lack of cars provided a pollution-free-environment and the air was some of the cleanest air I have breathed.

The locals in the town live a much simpler life, with farming as the main breadwinner. Livestock such as cattle, goats and horses line the mountainside.

After arriving in the town with my friends, we checked into the Mountain Hostel. I would recommend staying there to anyone who travels to Gimmelwald. Between the welcoming staff, the friendly community of people staying in the hostel, and the incredible views from right outside the window, it is definitely a can’t-miss-experience.

Gimmelwald has many different hiking trails that any outdoor enthusiast would enjoy. The town also has a few different restaurants that provide local food and drink. Overall, Gimmelwald is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that, given the opportunity, no traveler should pass up.

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