If you’re not accustomed to public transportation, you will be in a city like Prague, a beautiful city where the streets weave in and around each other so intricately it doesn’t provide much room for heavy traffic. The old cobblestone streets are filled with people exploring the city, and while you will see cars driving around, public transportation is the way to go.

Whether you prefer to travel above ground or below, you can always find a quick and easy way to navigate the city. I was nervous to use the tram and metro systems because I didn’t know if I needed to get a ticket every time or what to do if I missed my stop. But, I was surprised at how I was able to adapt and learn in a couple days.

Once we paid for our tickets, we had to activate them one time at the first stop. Then, we could use the metro and tram as much as we pleased for the three days our specific ticket was valid for.

The rules of the tram and metro are fairly simple: let children, women and older people have your seat; don’t be too loud; look out for your personal items and belongings. Even though the getting on and off moves at a quick pace, it is not stressful to the point where you have to get off in under five seconds to avoid riding it to the next city.

If you have the chance to take public transportation in the city, take advantage, because not only is it quicker and cheaper, you get to experience the customs and surroundings of everyone else with you!