At the Londoners Pub near Wenceslas square in Prague, the first thing that hits you is the heat and humidity. Right after is the smell of body odor.

The cause of all of this sensory overload? People packed wall to wall into this small pub for one reason: to watch the Champions League Final.

I went to the bar and ordered a beer and proceeded to mingle. There I met people from England, Germany, France and the Czech Republic. The atmosphere was overwhelming.

People from different nationalities and areas in the world were all together with arms around each other singing the fight songs of the respective clubs they supported. Beer flowed from the taps like water. When a goal was scored, the cheers and moans were almost deafening.

As an avid fan of soccer, it was amazing to see the comradery the game created. I ended up talking to a few different people, all from different places around the world. For those 90 minutes, no one cared about anything personal or political. It didn’t matter that everyone was from somewhere different. The only thing that mattered was the universal language that is soccer.