By Clarissa Pompa |

It’s that time of year when everyone is looking for new haunted houses and the latest scary movies. Late-night spooky marathons, screams, jumps and the laughter that follows the scaredy-cat out of the room when they run out terrified. If you happen to be that one friend who can’t handle jump scares, here’s a list of movies that you can handle and still get into that “spooky” season. And if you’re not that friend, consider this list while you plan your next spooky movie night.

1. Addams Family

This is a Halloween movie but really it’s a family movie. The perfect start to a marathon before you mysteriously “get sick” once the Conjuring is turned on.

2. The Lost Boys

My parents watched this movie with me the day before Halloween in eighth grade, and I actually enjoyed it. Looking back on it, it’s a little surprising that I did. Either way, if little old me back then could handle it, then it’s a good one to rewatch now.

3. Goonies

This is an ultimate classic. The lines, the characters, the plot. It’s perfect for a movie night when you want a scare and a laugh.

4. Gremlins

Full disclosure: this is the scariest movie on the list. It’s the one that you want to watch with a blanket to cover your eyes. You also need a group of people nearby, and that’s what makes it perfect for a movie night with your friends.

5. Ghostbusters

You can choose any of the movies but the original Ghostbusters is perfect. You can’t go through ghost and ghoul season without busting some ghosts.

6. Interview with the Vampire

Another classic. If you haven’t seen this one, then this is the time. Vampires and they’re the ones that are actually scary. What’s not to love?

7. Haunted Mansion

Why wouldn’t you want to watch this Halloween movie of frights and fun? The ghosts? Totally manageable. The theme? Totally on point. If you bring up this movie, the conversation will go your way.

8. Beetlejuice

This movie gave me nightmares as a child, but the passage of time has resulted in a slightly smaller fear. Besides, this is a classic and someone will suggest it if you don’t.

9. The Blob

This movie is black and white, old-school horror. Which means it’s scary but you look at it and wonder “why?” The answer is that it’s black and white, and people are screaming which makes it easy to handle.

10. Scooby Doo: Zombie Island

This movie was one that I was enthralled with as a child. I would watch it every Halloween and no matter what, it was still genuinely scary. Although I’m still confused about the zombies when they looked like cats, it’s another good throwback and if you lobby hard enough, you can get out of seeing “realistic” zombies that will scar you for life.

Honorable mention: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’s Halloween Episode

Technically speaking, this is a TV show and not a movie but it’s a good one. Odds are that you can bring up this episode and the conversation will devolve into reminiscing over Disney Channel instead of screaming over dumb decisions made in an obviously haunted house.