By Mary Dunton |

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of tea in the morning, the afternoon or evening? In my apartment, we have an entire drawer (and half a cabinet) dedicated to the joy of tea. We even shopped around for weeks to find the perfect kettle. Clearly, tea is a staple for us.

Thousands of teas come from a single plant the Camellia Sinensis. Different teas come from different growing conditions, location and harvest time. Each kind of tea comes with its own set of benefits. Headaches, cramps and restlessness can all be treated with the appropriate tea. Read on to find out the surprising benefits and my favorites from each category.

White Tea:

Taste – White tea is uncured and unfermented, making it the purest variety out there. White tea is formed from young tea leaf buds giving it a milder taste.

Health Benefits – It is best known for fighting and preventing cancer. This tea is also known for having antioxidants that increase cardiovascular health and help to control diabetes.

Caffeine – A cup of white tea has about one-third of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee.

My Personal Favorite- David’s Tea Buddha’s Blend


Black Tea:

Taste- Black tea is made with fermented leaves which gives it a stronger, sweeter flavor.

Health Benefits- It can lower cholesterol, help with asthma and improve digestion.

Caffeine-  It may be tempting to drink three to four cups a day, but a cup of black tea has almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

My Personal Favorite- David’s Tea Organic Cream of Earl Grey


Green Tea:

Taste- The taste of green tea is often described as light and “grassy”. It is made from steamed tea leaves.

Health Benefits-  It reduces cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. Research has also shown that it may prevent plaques associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Caffeine- Green tea has about two-thirds the amount of caffeine as coffee.

My Personal Favorite- David’s Tea Organic Detox


Oolong Tea:

Taste-  The flavors are similar to green tea but with a sweeter aftertaste.

Health Benefits- The benefits of oolong tea are extensive; it can help manage your metabolism, relieve dermatitis, prevent tooth decay and strengthen bones.

Caffeine- The caffeine level is somewhere between green and black tea.

My Personal Favorite- David’s Tea Happy Kombucha


Pu-Erh Tea:

Taste- Having only tried this kind of tea once, all I can say is that it has an earthy flavor.

Health Benefits-  Even though it contains caffeine, this tea can help with sleep because of its ability to reduce stress. It also contains antioxidants and aids digestion.

Caffeine- It has slightly less caffeine than a cup of coffee but it has soothing properties.

My Personal Favorite- David’s Tea Juicy Orange


Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are not made from the same plant as other teas. They are comprised of herbs, plants and roots; because of this, they have no caffeine. The following are all herbal teas:


Chamomile Tea:

Taste- Chamomile has a sweet taste that is similar to apple or dried flowers.

Health Benefits- The benefits of chamomile include inducing sleep, relieving headaches, boosting your immune system and relieving stress. It can also be applied to the skin for rashes.

Origin- Chamomile tea is an herbal blend made from the Asteraceae family of plants.

My Personal Favorite- Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile


Echinacea Tea:

Taste- It has a floral taste that gets significantly stronger the longer it steeps.

Health Benefits- Echinacea has been linked to relieving the common cold and flu. It is a good option for people who are starting to feel sick.

Origin- Echinacea tea is made from the same plants as chamomile tea.

My Personal Favorite- Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat


Hibiscus Tea:

Taste- Hibiscus tea is great hot and iced. It has a very floral taste and bright pink color.

Health Benefits- The benefits are extensive: improves blood circulation, acts as an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, protects the liver and lowers blood pressure.

Origin- Hibiscus tea is made from the hibiscus plant.

My Personal Favorite- Teavana Passion Tango


Rooibos Tea:

Taste- This tea generally has a nutty, warm taste.

Health Benefits- Rooibos can reduce blood pressure, relieve cramping, improve bone health, prevent kidney stones and help prevent aging.

Origin- The Aspalathus linearis bush plant found in South Africa.

My Personal Favorite- Teavana Zingiber Ginger Coconut Rooibos