By Taylor Mitchell

As a romantic movie lover, Netflix has recently kept me glued to the screen with new favorites such as “The Kissing Booth,” “Alex Strangelove,” “Set It Up” and more. However, one of the most recent Netflix originals has made its way to my heart: “To All The Boys I Loved Before.”

If you love rom coms with awkward and predictable scenes, but plenty of overwhelmingly sweet moments, then “To All The Boys I Loved Before” is for you. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you do so now. I promise that you won’t regret it. If you are into a little spoiler or you want to reminisce on your favorite scenes, read my top five moments from “To All The Boys I Loved Before.” (Warning: Involuntary excitement may occur.) 

  1. The Agreement That Started It All

When Lara walked out to Peter Kavinsky’s lacrosse practice and agreed to “fake dating” him, my mouth dropped when his response was kissing her in front of the whole team. My heart flew out of my chest because I knew this was the start of something good.

  1. The First Note

Okay, Lara Jean and Peter are now officially faking it, and I know that in my soul. However, my heart doesn’t want to accept that. Especially, when he not only went along with her “Sixteen Candles” hand in the back pocket idea, but also spun her around in front of everyone before handing her that first note. The move made me completely die of jealousy.

  1. Making Each Other Their Phone Backgrounds

You’re not an official couple until you’re each other’s phone backgrounds, right? Peter Kavinsky knew this, so before entering the party …he knew what he had to do — make the relationship official. So, of course, not only did Lara Jean’s photo turn out super cute, but, to top it off, Peter had already made it his background. My roommate and I squealed for joy so loud our neighbors probably heard us.

  1. Nothing is Hotter Then Standing Up For Someone

Almost every hopeless romantic has dreamed of a guy standing up for them in front of everybody. So when Peter stood up for Lara and told the entire school nothing happened on the ski trip even though she was so mad at him, I was brought to tears. Internal tears maybe, but my heart was definitely moved.

  1. Final Kiss

When Lara walked out on the empty lacrosse field to read Peter her “I actually like you” letter, I didn’t think it could get much better. However, when he said he wanted to date for real and then kissed her, that was the final nail in my coffin. I screamed with joy as the movie closed with one big dramatic kiss.