By Kristina Valdez |

We asked Bundle staffers why they think it’s important to vote. Here is what they had to say:

“I voted because I am proud to live in a country that values public discourse, varying opinions and social responsibility. Voting gives me a platform to share my opinion and hear the opinions of others.

– Austria Arnold, Chief Business Officer

Kristina Valdez | Editor-in-chief

“I voted because I can. I vote because it’s my right. And I vote because my right to vote had to be fought for me. As a black latina, I know my right to vote had to be defended. I will always cherish my right to speak my voice because some people simply can not. Also, if I don’t vote and speak up for myself, who else will?”

Kristina Valdez, Editor-in-Chief

“Voting provides Americans with a way to voice our opinions and make a change. People fought hard to make sure we can vote, and it’s important that we view this right as a responsibility to our country.”

– Christina Muñoz, Digital Communication Specialist

Taylor Mitchell | Staff Writer

“I voted because I know the struggle my ancestors went through for me to have this right and my parents have always stressed the importance of voting to me. They would say, “If you have the ability to vote and don’t then you can’t have any complaints about the government, because you chose to silence your own voice.’”

Taylor Mitchell, Staff Writer

“As difficult as our lives seem in this country in this time and age, there are others that have it worse. We have choices, and there so many people who have lost their lives so that we may have those choices. That is why we should exercise our right to make them.”

DJ Ramirez, Staff Writer

Clarissa Pompa | Staff Writer

“I voted because I can’t get frustrated over political events if I haven’t participated. I remember being taught about Kelso’s Choices and being told that a bystander is just as bad as being the instigator. I live in this society and if I don’t participate, I’m just as bad as the people I’m getting frustrated with. I voted because this is how I can be seen and be heard.”

Clarissa Pompa, Staff Writer 

“I voted because in this climate politics is a matter of human rights. As a woman, I am concerned about my rights. As a white woman, I realize that many others have it worse and that I have to vote to protect both them and myself. I vote to create a better, more equal future.”

Laura Sliker, Staff Writer