By Cassidy Campbell |

The closing of the on-campus IHOP came as quite a shock to the Baylor student body. The spot was always reliable due to its close proximity to student housing, its classic breakfast options and its 24/7 service. Since the community’s beloved Baylor IHOP is no longer an option, I’ve composed a list of my go-to breakfast spots in Waco.

1: Milo All Day

1020 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX, 76701

Milo’s menu contains everything imaginable for any meal of the day. The wide variety of menu options allows for any guest to order whatever they may be in the mood for. Some community favorites from this menu include the Brunch Burger (including onion rings, fried egg, and coffee aioli), Farmer’s Daughter (sweet potato hash, brussels sprouts, squash, sunny egg and salsa verde), Just Like Buddy Holly (bacon or sausage, breakfast potatoes, with biscuit or toast and jam/butter/gravy) , and of course, the classic Biscuits and Gravy.

2: The Downtown Farmers Market

500 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701

The farmers market is not your typical breakfast joint, but it’s one of my personal favorites. It opens at 9 a.m. every Saturday in the parking lot across from Café Cappuccino. The food vendors may be more limited in the sense that you can’t order a typical plate of scrambled eggs or pancakes, but every option instead offers a unique twist on a classic meal. Whether it be a grilled cheese at Cheddar Box or a sweet or savory crepe from Co-Town Crepes, all the vendors bring something different to the table. Some of my personal favorite options are the iced coffee from Double B Farms, the tamales from Rancho Martinez Tamales, or the Nutella stuffed crepes from Co-Town Crepes.

3: Harvest on 25th

112 N 25th St Waco, Texas 76710

This up-and-coming spot tends to be a number one favorite within the Waco community. Its diverse yet classic menu leaves customers satisfied and raving about the healthy and unique options. Some fan favorites include their gluten free blueberry pancakes, breakfast tacos and avocado toast.

4: Oh My Juice

201 S 2nd St #101, Waco, TX 76701

Oh My Juice offers a different take on breakfast options. Known for its smoothies and bowls, this hole in the wall joint is a healthy alternative for post workout or mid-day meals. Menu favorites include the Berry Blend Acai bowl with strawberries and honey and the Orange Ya Glad smoothie. My go-to is a Berry blend bowl loaded with fruit, granola, coconut and honey.  

5: William Hoyt Bagel & Brew

1123 S 8th St Waco, TX 76706

This Waco-based bagel shop offers bagels and schmears that come straight from the East Coast. The bagel sandwiches or classic bagels are a huge hit for Baylor students, as well as the Waco community. These bagels are unique in the sense that they have a fluffier texture and are more original than a bagel you would find at a grocery store or even at Panera. Fan favorites consist of their plain or everything bagels with strawberry honey butter or plain schmear.  

6: Olive Branch

215 S 2nd St, Waco, TX 76701

Olive Branch has a mix of options, whether it be breakfast classics, sandwiches, salads or wraps. Its location makes it the perfect spot to head over to for a late brunch after spending hours shopping at Spice Village. Some fan favorites are the Stuffed French Toast, chocolate chip pancakes and the chicken pesto melt sandwich.

7: Café Cappuccino

100 N 6th St, Waco, TX 76701

Café Cap has a more selective menu based strictly on breakfast food. It’s a weekly post-church tradition for many, but the all-day breakfast menu makes it a classic for all times of the morning. Some menu favorites are the chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and the Cassie omelet, filled with ham, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms. My go-to is a bacon and cheese omelet with one chocolate chip pancake on the side.

8: Café Homestead

608 Dry Creek Rd, Waco, TX 76705

Café Homestead is located in a farm community 20 minutes away from campus, and offers healthy and freshly grown and baked food. The menu has a wide variety of meals, from breakfast options to burgers to salads and soups. Fan favorites include Jalapeño Sweet Potato soup, raspberry lemonade, and pancake plates consisting of flavors like blueberry, Texas pecan, chocolate chip, or a gluten free option.

However, if you still simply don’t find any of these breakfast places to your liking, you can always hop on I-35 N and head to the next closest IHOP.