By Elyse Delano |

If you’re alive and breathing, you’ve probably seen a Marvel movie or two. The popular franchise has been sweeping cinemas since 2008 when the first “Iron Man” was released.  The anticipated “Avengers: Endgame” will open in theaters April 26, but in the meantime, if you just can’t wait for opening night, I’ve created an easy way to connect with your favorite Marvel characters before you see the new movie. Does your favorite character reflect your personality? Find out below.

Captain America

If good ol’ Steve Rogers pulls at your heart strings, chances are you value loyalty. Your friends are your world and you would do anything for them. A strong moral compass guides everything you do, but sometimes it’s hard for you to see the other side. You really want to help people and are sometimes willing to sacrifice your own needs to do so. You have a strong sense of obligation to help the world, but can have a hard time trying to find your place in it.

Iron Man

With Tony Stark as your favorite Marvel man, you love people and are often somehow at the center of parties or big events. Humour is important to you and you love a good laugh with your friends. You love creating new things and strive to be the best you can be. Work or school is your passion, but sometimes you get carried away and forget the rest of your responsibilities in pursuit of your goal. You’re often misjudged by those who don’t know you, but your close friends know you’d do anything for them.


You have a wild side to you. Adventures are your favorite pastime, and you love trying new things with your friends. Sometimes, however, you get yourself into pretty sticky situations and aren’t always aware of the line between fun and a-little-too-close-to-a-felony. Your temper can get the best of you, but it reflects how passionate you are about the people you care for. You don’t always show it, but you have a strong empathetic side and fight for the underdog.

Black Widow

If your favorite character is Black Widow, you admire strong women. You have a keen ability to read people and always find yourself in the midst of drama, yet are often the only level-headed person involved. Opening up is not your forte, but your closest friends are like your family and know everything about you. You’re a hard worker, but prefer not to lead people. Also, you’re extremely athletic (or at least want to be).


As a Thor-lover, you may be a fitness guru who spend a lot of time in the gym. You’re a certified foodie who never turns down a snack when offered. You have a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders and have grown up a lot in the past few years. Family is the most important part of life to you and you’ll never give up on them no matter what they do. Even though you’re very busy, you make time for your friends and will always be there if they need you.

Black Panther

Stans of Black Panther are leaders and often find themselves in a position of authority, or striving to get there one day. You have a strong sense of obligation to protect your “clan” and won’t hesitate to stand up for a friend in their time of need. Your pride can sometimes get the best of you, but you’re quick to admit your wrong doing and fix your mistakes. You are powerful and your friends have admitted they were scared of you before they truly knew you.


As a Spiderman fan, you love taking life one day at a time. You aspire to help people and can often be found performing small acts of kindness to brighten peoples’ day. You don’t have a lot of friends, but the few you do will be friends of yours for life. Learning is a love of yours and you’re always striving to be better than you were before, but that can sometimes lead to flaking out on other responsibilities. You aren’t the most consistent person, but you have a big heart for the world around you.

The Hulk

 If the Hulk is your favorite MCU character, chances are you’re pretty smart, even if you don’t think so yourself. You’re an extremely hard worker and hate when attention is put on you. You’re quietness is sometimes misunderstood as hostility, but deep down you’re a big softy and just want to help those in need. Despite what may have happened in your past, you strive to be a better person everyday and work hard to make yourself proud of who you’ve become.