By Jessika Harkay |

Coming to Waco, you expect that you’ll be living in a small town. By your first few weeks you have a general understanding of everything there is to do here. Hot spots including Twisted Root, Magnolia and Heritage Creamery are on the top of the list of places Baylor students know by heart by the end of their four years. With so many different environments to match so many personalities, there’s a truly spot for everyone.

Read below to find out what common Waco spot your zodiac sign matches. 

Aries: Cameron Park Zoo

Aries’ have a few key personality traits: they’re adventurous, courageous and versatile. On the other hand, they also have a few negative traits like being stubborn, competitive and impulsive. With these two opposing personality sides, Aries’ are similar to the large variety of animals you see at a zoo. As the first zodiac sign, Aries’ demand attention and usually turn heads — similar to what you can expect at a zoo. Cameron Park Zoo has a little of everything, whether it be otters, monkeys or the giant exhibit of snakes, all which match the different sides of an Aries

Taurus: George’s Restaurant

Taurus’ are known for being down-to-earth and patient. This sign loves being around all of the best things in my life — food, romance— you name it. George’s is arguably one of the best and cheapest food spots in Waco where you truly get a bang for your buck. With a stubborn and self-indulgent side, a Taurus knows what they want. Though that can have its pros and cons, it usually makes a Taurus unchanging and dependable, and nothing screams that like this 1930’s restaurant.

Gemini: Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits

As the sign of the twins, Geminis are known for having two sides to themselves. Dichotomy is the same way— coffee shop during the day and bar at night. Geminis are adjustable and soft-spoken. Like the coffee and spirits shop, Geminis are low-key and can adapt to any situation, yet being versatile can sometimes lead to a lack of consistency or decision making. What better illustrates this than a place where people can have a friendly conversation over a cup of iced chai or be out on a girls’ night?

Cancer: Heritage Creamery

Cancers are known for being nurturing and loving. Often a family type, Cancers live off comfortability and faithfulness. Nothing screams homey and comfortable more than Heritage. Looking out and taking care of people is something Cancers hold close to their hearts. Here, you can always find the families of Waco and indulge in the best comfort snack — ice cream. While Cancers are also known for their mood swings, ice cream also acts as the best solution to any day, whether it be good or bad.

Leo: Twisted Root

A few characteristics define the Lion and it’s no surprise to anybody — they’re known for arrogance and drama but also for having fun and embracing the spotlight. The first thing you often see when coming into Waco and getting off the interstate is a giant mural that catches your attention and draws you in, located on the side of Twisted Root. Leos are similar as the type of people that others tend to gravitate towards. Leos are straight-forward, unique and loyal — similar to what you find at Twisted Root. Whether it be a kangaroo burger or your usual cheese burger, there’s something for everyone and it’s a reliable restaurant for any craving.

Virgo: Waco Escape Room

Virgos are known for analyzing and being opinionated. They never miss a single detail, which also makes them known for being helpful and the best listeners to give advice. Always thinking of something new, whether it be a solution or something on their mind, the perfect spot that describes a Virgo is the Waco Escape Room. By paying attention to detail, as well as being practical and perfectionists, Virgos are the perfect embodiment of an escape room.

Libra: Magnolia

Libras are the definition of peace, harmony and being surrounded by a beautiful environment. If there’s anything Fixer Upper and the Silos have shown us, Chip and Jo have a similar work ethic and styles that complement one another. With an emphasis on warm tones and simple decoration, Magnolia perfectly embodies a peaceful aura that’s charming — just like a Libra’s natural smooth talk and balance. Magnolia is known as a place for forgetting your responsibilities and relaxing, which compliments a Libra’s laid-back personality.

Scorpio: Cameron Park

The biggest trait about Scorpios is the mysterious side to their personalities. In Cameron Park, there’s so much to find and explore, and you can manage to notice something new every time you visit. Similar to the park, Scorpios are the same way and are known for secrecy. They are often ambitious and balanced like Cameron Park, the perfect spot for a new adventure or a peaceful day at Lover’s Peak overlooking the trees and Brazos River.

Sagittarius: Common Grounds

Sagittarius’ are known for being trendy, following their aesthetic and being the free spirit of the signs. However, they’re known for overconfidence and some people may look at Common Grounds as overhyped. Regardless, Common Grounds is one of the most popular and well known places to sit down, relax or have fun with friends. You can meet different people, go to concerts or settle for a cup of coffee on any day or late at night. Sagittarius’ are inviting, open-minded, happy and known for their love of adventure, which perfectly fits what you can find at Common Grounds.

Capricorn: Suspension Bridge

Capricorns are the “old souls” of the signs, both patient and cautious. They’re devoted to the ones they care about most and people often look to them for support and the fact that they always keep their word. Suspension Bridge is something people look to for tradition— tortilla tossing holds a hidden “truth” about finding your soulmate at Baylor if you toss a tortilla that lands on a pillar. Capricorns also are known for balance and wisdom, which matches how the Suspension Bridge clashes traditions with new fun.

Aquarius: Dr. Pepper Museum

Aquarius’ are known for friendliness, and the only thing that represents southern hospitality like sweet tea is Waco’s famous love for Dr. Pepper. Humanitarian, independent and loyal are a few words that describe an Aquarius, and like its counterpart, Dr. Pepper is something people look to for a sense of home and that they have a strong loyalty to. Originating in Waco, Dr. Pepper and its museum give a special feeling of having deep roots, a quality people often notice in an Aquarius.

Pisces: Waco Hippodrome

Last but not least, Pisces’ are known for being lost — not in a bad way — but in how they are looking to escape reality through art forms. Imagination is important to Pisces’ as they’re creative and love things like movies, music and art. With a mysterious and escapist side, the perfect place that represents a Pisces is the Waco Hippodrome. Pisces have great compassion and are known for enjoying alone time, and the Hippodrome, with its deep history and unimaginable amount of different people stopping by the theater, matches the Pisces personality.