By Isabel Hamburger |

When you get to Vienna, whether by train or plane, stop at the information desk and exchange your money for euros. I recommend also asking for a 24-hour city pass, which will give you access to all metros for the time you’re there. There are also other time frame options for city passes if you’re staying a little longer. 


Start your day at Palmenhaus, a beautiful restaurant with a great view, whether you choose to sit inside or outside. It is located right next to a big park, and close to many popular attractions. You can wander over and find the Mozart statue in the park next door after your meal.  

Kunsthistorisches Museum 

A 10-minute walk away from Palmenhaus, Kunsthistorisches Museum is full of beautiful art, from classical paintings by Rembrandt to Greek and Roman antiquities. Though full of some of the world’s best art, the building that houses these pieces may be the real masterpiece. The inside of the building is embellished with gold detailing, various statues and a painted ceiling that rivals the art inside. I recommend the classical painting exhibit, which takes about 45 minutes to get through.  


Walk 10 more minutes and find yourself at a cute coffee-shop-turned-bookstore called Phil for a quick pick me up. Browse some books, as there is an assortment of books in German, but also some in English. The free bookmarks make great souvenirs. If you’re not a coffee lover or aren’t into this type of thing, feel free to skip this stop!  

St. Stephen’s Cathedral 

A quick metro downtown takes you to the heart of the tourist area in Vienna. Here, you’ll find the stunning St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Around the back, you will see many vendors selling a variety of foods, ice creams and souvenirs. Be sure to peek inside of the cathedral and see the breathtaking architecture. This is one church in Europe that doesn’t have a dress code during tourist hours, so you can pop inside even if you’re in a tank top and shorts. 

Hofburg Palace 

You can find the Hofburg Palace, which used to be the home of many rulers, on a 13-minute walk from the cathedral. Take a tour of the inside and view many collections of artifacts owned by the rulers who lived there. The outside is just as beautiful, with statues scattered around the lawns outside and beautiful fences lining the exterior. Make sure to explore all around.   


Sit down for a late lunch or early dinner at many of the available options in the downtown Vienna area. I recommend Rinderwahn, which is a short 5minute walk from Mozarthaus. While it isn’t traditional Viennese food, they have the best burgers and fries I’ve had in Europe! If you want a more traditional meal or crave a different kind of cuisine, you can find many other options nearby. 


You can burn off the calories from your meal by taking a 5-minute walk to Mozart’s famous apartment-turned-museum in Vienna. Find original pieces of Mozart’s compositions on a self-guided audio tour through the apartment to learn about the Mozart’s life in Vienna during that time. Also, check out the affordable souvenirs in the gift shop before you leave!   


End your night on Vienna’s giant Ferris wheel, Riesenrad. This fun ride was built in 1897 and stands at 212 feet tall with trolley cars that fit up to a dozen people. You can join others for this ride or rent out your own trolley car in advance for a romantic date. The gorgeous view of Vienna from the top seems like a fitting way to finish off the perfect day. 

Timeline Credit to Lizzie Darwin