By Caroline Mitchell |

Vendors and artists line the cobble-stoned streets in the eclectic Hungarian town Szentendre.  Each artist showcases hand-made creations to those who pass with hopes to share their talents.  Among these artists is a man named Lukács Tibor.  

Tibor is known among the visitors of Szentendre for selling landscape paintings of Budapest, Szentendre and other Hungarian landmarks.  He grew up in eastern Hungary and moved to Szentendre when he was 24.  He began painting at a young age and has not stopped since, saying painting does not feel like work because he doesn’t notice time when he is creating.  

The landscape paintings Tibor creates are popular because they showcase the beauty of Hungary in an artistic and unique way.  These pieces include sketches of Parliament, paintings of poppies and variations of the bridges across the Danube. Some of his most popular depict the colorful streets of Szentendre. 

Tibor’s booth stays busy throughout the day with visitors and tourists selecting different pieces to purchase as souvenirs.  Within the few short minutes buyers encounter Tibor in Szentendre they purchase paintings and move on with their day without an understanding of his true passions and diverse talents. 

Though Tibor is proud of his landscape paintings, he says he rather enjoys creating his contemporary art more than the classic Hungarian landmarks tourists choose to purchase.  He says the art tourists purchase are how he makes his living and provides for his family, but Tibor chooses to express his creativity in his contemporary art. 

“Many people do not know I create contemporary art, but these pieces do not sell as successfully as the landmarks tourists like,” Tibor explained with a grin. 

The main goal of Tibor’s contemporary art is to demonstrate the complex connections between humans.  Tibor draws inspiration from people he encounters every day in a variety of places and chooses to replicate these subjects in a modern yet artistic way. 

The contemporary art Tibor creates depicts everyday scenes of humans in abstract shapes filled with bright colors.  He is able to transform a simple gathering at a café into a piece made of triangles and rigid lines using only vibrant red and white.  Tibor says he does not have to exactly replicate the scenes he observes around him but can rather draw from his imagination with a free hand. 

Tibor says he enjoys sharing his work with the many visitors who encounter Szentendre every day.  He says he is appreciative of the guests in the town who see beauty in his work.  Tibor signs a painting every time somebody purchases from him to keep his art personalized and unique. 

“I feel a great gratitude towards all of the visitors,” Tibor said.  “Satisfaction gives me this job.” 

Photo Credits to Shae Koharski
Photo Credits to Shae Koharski