By Isabelle Perello |

As all my fellow readers can relate, I love a good bookstore. The smell of freshly printed pages, typically followed by an intoxicating aroma of coffee, fills up the shop as your eyes take in endless shelves lined with stories you just can’t wait to dig into. That’s why I was absolutely thrilled when I heard downtown Waco was welcoming their newest addition: Fabled Bookshop and Cafe. 

The first day after I moved back to Waco, I visited Fabled and my heart immediately knew I had found my new favorite spot in town. 

The big glass panes in front of the bookstore fill the place with natural light and their book selection displays a rainbow of colors off of every shelf. After running to the YA book section to guarantee that they carried my favorite series, which they did, I took the time to explore, only to fall more in love. Fabled provides all the little details that book-lovers would appreciate, such as a magical wardrobe straight out of Narnia in the children’s section, and personal recommendations sprinkled all around the store from their employees.

Like any good bookstore, Fabled has its own built in café, which doubles as a bar that serves wine and beer later in the day. To add another literary spin, they serve several drinks that reflect the themes of famous books, such as the Harry Potter-inspired Muggle Mocha, which I personally recommend anyone to try.

For Samantha Crouch, a current English student but longtime book lover, working at Fabled is a literal dream job. 

“I am constantly engaging guests with conversations about books and the Waco community, which is one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy coming to work every day,” said Crouch. “I think the Waco community was really in need of a unique bookshop such as Fabled to fit perfectly into the downtown aesthetic.” 

Shops that fit so perfectly into the little towns we live in never seem to last anymore and I am desperate to preserve Fabled. Local businesses are a fleeting thing in today’s fast-growing world of ecommerce and multi-billion dollar companies such as Amazon make it easier and cheaper to buy anything with a click of your laptop. 

In 2018, Barnes and Noble, one of the largest book companies in America, announced that it was considering selling itself to stay in business. In June 2019, the fear of the beloved bookstore chain closing calmed down, as it was bought for $638 million by hedge fund Elliot Advisors. 

If Barnes and Noble can be shaken by the world of online ordering, then I fear what it can do to a hopeful little local bookshop like Fabled. I love Amazon like any other cheap college student, but it will never be able to recreate the feeling of comfort and wonder that I experienced when stepping inside Fabled for the first time. 

So, to all my fellow book-lovers out there, do me a favor. Take the time to visit your nearby bookshop and get that book you have had your eye on for a while now. Get a coffee while you’re there, maybe do some long overdue homework. Enjoy the feeling of being in that special space, because it might not be there for much longer. 

As Fabled’s website says; long live the bookstore.