By Avery Owens |

My eyes open at the start of the day while I’m still in bed and I just know… fall has begun.

Maybe it’s because I’m an October baby, but I have always felt a connection with fall. Without having to check the weather app on my phone or peeking outside from the window of my bedroom, I always know when the season is here to stay. 

It has been this way all of my life. Fall in Texas never begins when the calender says it is supposed to. Instead, it takes its sweet time to arrive. 

When it finally does arrive, everyone is surprisedeveryone except me. 

Fall is associated with many of my favorite things: gloomy weather, cooler temperatures, and the changing of the leaves. I always joke with my friends about how I become a different person in the fall. I become more relaxed, fewer things bother me, and my wardrobe drastically changes.

Many people love the summer for its sunshine or the winter for Christmas, but the fall has so much more to offer.

I love fall flavors. From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin bread, I love all things pumpkin. The round, orange fruit adds the perfect taste to any drink or pastry. 

I love my fall traditions like rewatching Gilmore Girls, buying fall candles, decorating my home, and listening to my fall playlist

I love fall fashion. Black jeans, excessive layering, and denim jackets are some of my favorite trends. It is so easy to decide what to wear in the falljust a few essentials can take you a long way.

I love fall holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving both take place in the falltwo of my most treasured days out of the year. 

Fall is really just a time that I can be still. The fast-paced life isn’t for me, and it seems that I unintentionally live this life up until fall every year. Once the season arrives, I check-in with myself and take inventory for what I need to catch up on. 

Intention, thankfulness, and rest are usually recurring themes for me to work on. Focusing on being intentional, forces me to live in the moment and be present with those around me. This leads to thankfulness– when I am intentional and present, I become more aware of how blessed I am. Through practicing intention and thankfulness, I must find rest. Rest helps me to wind-down as the year begins to conclude. 

Fall is so wonderful! I can’t really explain the way it makes me feelthe best way I can describe the feeling is that is makes me feel full. I feel like all is right in the world and nothing can go wrong.

I hope you can choose to find joy in the fall this season, or you continue to love it as I do. It is a magical time!